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Originally Posted by Mako View Post
... those buying it will give the same statement to the world as X6 buyers, a big F YOU, I like it and will buy what I damn well please.
As a two time X6 buyer, I resemble that statement!!!

Excellent news. 8800 jobs is seriously awesome for the state of South Carolina. Hopefully by that time I'll do another PCD and tour the factory again, and see them make an X7. That would be awesome.

And yes, I am sure it will have a proper third row. I also have (well my wife does, I just pay for it, hehe) a GL550 and if the X7 is designed to compete with the GL and LX, it will have a proper third row with space behind the third row for suitcases. That's how much room the GL has, it's huge.

I fully expect the X7 to out handle the GL, though.

The X4 looks great. It's a bit freaky how the side profile looks identical to the X6. The first picture of the white X4, I thought, "hey cool it's an X6" and then when I saw it from the back realized it's an X4. Great looking vehicle!


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