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So I read somewhere that the X7 will compete with an upcoming Audi Q9. Funny considering that Audi cannot even successfully deliver on a redesigned Q7 which is going on to 8 or 9 years in this generation. You know you have a problem when you have to cancel a car's design for being too ugly. Then again its the VW group. They also cancelled the earlier Bentley SUV design for being too ugly.

"Perhaps more intriguing, this is the second delay for the Q7 that’s been attributed to dissatisfaction with the SUV’s design. The Q7 was previously pushed back to accommodate changes requested by Audi’s former chief designer Wolfgang Egger. But Egger is gone, and Hackenberg and his new chief designer Marc Lichte have sent the designers back to the drawing board. They are working to take some of the aggressiveness out of the vehicle, which, according to an insider, “catered mainly to Russian tastes.”"