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  1. Euro Service intervals for F30
  2. Break in period
  3. F30 335i sport oil change
  4. Air Filter Replacement
  5. Break-in period for your new BMW
  6. 328i Oil
  7. Oil consumption N55 F30
  8. Oil consumption (N20 328i).
  9. Did engine oil change (328i) myself today
  10. Engine oil at minimum!
  11. trans "break in" period for sport mode
  12. How to break in a new MT F30
  13. Oil Filter where to buy?
  14. Is break in necessary?
  15. 328i Warning coolant level
  16. What to expect during your first BMW service appt?
  17. Break in diesel
  18. low oil
  19. BMW Service
  20. Diesel break in procedure?
  21. Oil Filter
  22. Dipstick Extractor
  23. Break in period
  24. Oil change intervals, can this be realistic?
  25. Oil Pan for 335i is made of metal
  26. torque for lugs
  27. 2013 328i M sport -- Should I change the oil early (1.5-2K) like on other new cars?
  28. CBS Conditional Based Service!!
  29. Help please on how to break in a Diesel engine N47T on a brand new F30 320d
  30. Engine Oil Measurement is Inactive
  31. 328i M Sport exhaust debris -- normal?
  32. What to expect during the first Service visit ~15K miles
  33. Varying revs as a break-in approach
  34. Maintance Due still says 14,000 miles & I have 700 miles on odometer
  35. Factory service manual?
  36. Side mirror, heated, chromatic with discoloration damage
  37. Getting ready to do first oil change (335i/N55). Had some questions.
  38. 4,500 miles - paid for oil service today
  39. Coolant Light Keep Coming On After Replacement of Sensor
  40. Low fuel gas display light on but half tank is still full
  41. URGENT: Please Help
  42. Engine Temp HIGH: Damage?
  43. Does this sound right??
  44. Castrol Edge vs Mobil 1
  45. True Break In Period?
  46. Source for oil filters - N20?
  47. Anyone using Castrol 0-W30 in their f30?
  48. oil change question
  49. Front brake service at 16000km?
  50. Oil Change Did Someone Waited Till 15k
  51. Window Noise
  52. 2200 miles... Car still says 14k until service. Whats wrong?
  53. Weird noise
  54. How did you guys do the break in period?
  55. Low grumbling rattle noise
  56. Felt something jerk or break while backing up car
  57. Key Lost - Left with one- Wondering... every night if someone will steal my car
  58. Low oil?
  59. First Service
  60. First service
  61. "hazardous materials" charge
  62. Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Plug
  63. car burning oil
  64. Confirm oil quantity?
  65. I'm totally going to screw up the break-in period - this is not a "worry" post
  66. Warranty still honored if you do your own oil changes/repairs?
  67. What engine oil are u using?
  68. TIS Online - good for F30?
  69. bmw Service Code 61 81 13?
  70. Did my own first oil change today
  71. Options Questions
  72. Fresh Air Intake Location
  73. Can improper break in lead to voiding of warranty
  74. Did I Just Mess Up My Break In?
  75. Help Please!
  76. rempoved
  77. Any tips before Driving to Vegas?
  78. Placing in oil filter upside down
  79. BMW F30 Technical Training Documents / Guides
  80. Official Inspection Service List for the F30?
  81. Ignition malfunction do not turn engine off it may not restart
  82. Sport/Comfort/DTC Modes Activating by themself in regular/sports mode
  83. BMW Revises Recommended Oil Change Intervals to 10,000 Miles for 2014+ 3 and 4 Series
  84. Service Schedule for 2012 F30s
  85. Steering Alignment Question
  86. Is This Normal!? Please help
  87. Change out of fluids after break-in period
  88. Oil Analysis
  89. Engine break in
  90. Warning Low Coolant - NOT A FAULTY SENSOR
  91. How to reset oil service / brake pad service indicator
  92. 2012 335 in limp mode
  93. check engine warning light, emission light on during radio ready state
  94. **The First and Goal Sales Event**
  95. Next service in 4600 miles?
  96. CEL on- afe intake/m performance exhaust
  97. TSBs and RECALLs ?
  98. 2013 F30 Rear Window OneTouch/AutoUp Problem
  99. Oil for 328d
  100. M-Sport lower left and right grill removal
  101. diagram for removing rear seats and shoulders
  102. Automatic transmission won't shift out of park.
  103. First Oil Change?
  104. Front Center Lift Point
  105. Passenger side mirror
  106. Want to change fluids at 1/2 intervals - can't find schedule
  107. Service Interval Dropped 1k in only 300 miles
  108. Oil level min (+1 l) , but after adding 1 l, it is MAX
  109. What to expect/recall for first service
  110. Safety Recall...
  111. What oil do i use?
  112. Break-in period...Recommendations?
  113. 328d owners: Can you measure def fluid level?
  114. Gauges Reset While Driving
  115. Almost at 1200 miles
  116. Stuttering sound upon unlocking car
  117. Help! Key Cover Broke My Handle
  118. OEM oil filter kit for F32 435i xdrive
  119. Had a recall on my car for programming?
  120. Right Low Beam Malfunction
  121. No dipstick
  122. What not to do during breakin?
  123. Brake pads replacement
  124. Owner's of new 320d's in foreign lands: Can you measure urea/def fluid level?
  125. How do I change the wipers on an F30?
  126. CEL: P24DA Code?
  127. F32 4 Series Recall for Blower Motor
  128. Did miway oil change - 4.5qt put at MAX?
  129. Squeaky Brakes? Apparently there's a service bulletin for that.
  130. 2014 ASS for 2012/2013 cars?
  131. Recall Notice – Water Drainage Grommet
  132. Windshield washer fluid...
  133. Can you check the oil filter before draining oil? (N55 top filter)
  134. Low Oil. Add a quart?
  135. Oil change mileage?
  136. Service Interval does not mean Oil Change?
  137. Parking Lamp Malfunction - Warning -
  138. Auto Start Stop Feature - ASS
  139. break-in period?
  140. Brake change
  141. Engine Oil for N20 Engine? 5w40? 5w50?
  142. Service intervall dropping FAST!
  143. What is this part dangling from my car?
  144. Low Engine Oil Warning at 14,000kms?
  145. Anyone blowing smoke?
  146. Miles until next service increasing?
  147. Reset Oil Change Indicator
  148. Break-In: Highway vs. City Miles
  149. New oil spec for upcoming B engines BMW Longlife-14 FE+ 0W-20
  150. Service overdue???
  151. 428i Break-in Questions
  152. 2014 335 xi Break- in priod
  153. What do you know about turbo timers?
  154. Once again...recommended engine oils for the F30?
  155. Gearbox: strong "kick" shifting from P to D or from N to D
  156. 98 Octane Gas??
  157. Vibration/rattle when at idle & while in gear < 1000 rpm's
  158. Oil reset unsuccessful
  159. Msport bumper, golf tee mod voided warranty??!!
  160. Soft squeal when rolling forward from a stop?
  161. Fault in DME for 02 Sensor
  162. so how will maintenance be after the bmw coverage is done in a few years?
  163. Motul or Castrol edge ?
  164. N52 Vanos Issue?
  165. Motor Shut Off on Me Driving!
  166. Unintended trunk opening.
  167. F30 330d MPPK Oil Consumption (or lack thereof)
  168. Buying new 2015 335i M sport, maintenance tips?
  169. Car is 1.5 years, mileage is 6K
  170. Break in
  171. Fuel Gauge/Sensor Issue
  172. I want an oil change. My car only has 1.5k miles...(Possible?)
  173. Cleaning your intake valve's carbon buildup
  174. 320/328 owners.. What is your factory set service interval?
  175. More than 7 quarts of oil on a 320xi?
  176. Windsheil Washer Fluid Tank
  177. Maintenance Program Changes July 1st
  178. Oil at minimum magically refills itself?
  179. 8HP45 fluid change procedure
  180. fuel injector service
  181. N20 328i Motul 300v oil
  182. 1200 miles / service due in 7000 miles
  183. first service at 6400 miles?
  184. First Oil Change
  185. Comfort Access - Driver Side door not working
  186. Question about BMW maintenance
  187. Anyone had their N20 spark plugs changed
  188. F32 Water pooling on cowl
  189. anybody using an oil catch can in pcv line
  190. 9 months old and 3500 miles oil change requested?
  191. Just hit 10k, time for scheduled maintenance?
  192. 15,000 mile oil change interval???! Did I wreck my engine?
  193. Charging phone in car? Bad habit?
  194. Rear Diff Recall Help
  195. Brakes Upgrade to M Brakes, Covered under maint. plan?
  196. Does A/C bog down performance?
  197. Random Limp Mode?
  198. Oil sensor question
  199. Transmission Malfunction fault message
  200. First service for F30?
  201. Where is the best place to jack up the rear of the F30?
  202. Weird noises when shifting
  203. Oil change service reminder
  204. N55 6-speed manual trans oil change?
  205. First oil change after break-in
  206. F30 328i Software recall
  207. rattling Noise
  208. BMW Service in Brooklyn NY
  209. How to turn engine oil service light off?
  210. Factory oil fill in a 435i?
  211. BMW OWNERS in regards to SERVICE
  212. Problem measuring oil level
  213. Opening trunk
  214. Long term mainteance estimates
  215. Long Term Preventative Maintenance
  216. Oil filter too tight
  217. Brake Fluid Capacity ?!
  218. Possible to check power steering fluid in 2014?
  219. Bent Wheel Hub
  220. Brake Noise?
  221. Service Manual, Removing front bumper
  222. BMW NA Recall: Brake Power Assist Pump on 320i and 328i / 428i Models
  223. Noise from front facia
  224. Crap... Gas Door won't open
  225. First Oil Change?
  226. Engine Break in
  227. Where to find all SIB's by VIN
  228. 335i with DHP Stuck in Comfort Mode
  229. (Wiper blade issue) 4 series owners have a look please, does this look right to you?
  230. Oil Service Reset
  231. QUESTION: P0597 Thermostat Heater Control Open
  232. Error codes
  233. Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner- The most amazing thing ever
  234. Oil consumption 435i
  235. Opinion of this break-in method…
  236. iDrive oil level after oil change?
  237. Top Tier Fuel vs. Regular Fuel
  238. chassis stabilization malfunction
  239. Settings removed at service
  240. Quick? About maintenance
  241. Using a 12v Battery Charger on 14.4v battery
  242. deleted
  243. How do you warm up your engine?
  244. Front and rear center jack points on 435i Gran Coupe
  245. replacement wiper blades
  246. Service Requests from my car
  247. Anyone completed a xenon bulb change on adaptives?
  248. Maintenance Scheduling
  249. Revs dip below 500 RPM during idle in 335i
  250. check engine light cel code p10ea