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  1. Anybody have the BC Racing coilovers? How do they compare to OEM M sport suspension
  2. F30 suspension heirarchy
  3. H&R Sport Springs vs Eibach Pro Kit
  4. Coilover: PSS10 or KW V2 or V3?
  5. H&R Sport Suspention
  6. Anyone with M performance suspension and 20" wheels combination?
  7. Comparison: X-Drive vs. RWD Suspension
  8. Anyone tried the K-mac camber plates yet?
  9. H&R GROUP BUY Sport Springs/ chip
  10. Attention kw dealers, please confirm this for xdrive owners
  11. MPPK - Need super brakes?
  12. Cheapest way to lower 2-3cm?
  13. M performance springs without shocks
  14. Springs DIY?
  15. Technical Measurements :: F30 M-Sport Brakes
  16. H&R sport w front splitter too low?
  17. Do I need to install adjustable cambers with H&R sport springs?
  18. Difference between 335i brakes and m sport
  19. Question: Are M sport springs lower then sport line springs?
  20. H&R OE Sport?
  21. M-Performance Brake Bleeding
  22. Eibach Prokit Spring Weight Question
  23. 335i M Sport with Standard Suspension
  24. F30 Luxury Line Suspension
  25. What suspension parts can we modify with adaptive suspension?
  26. M-perfmorance brakes sound
  27. Advice on suspension
  28. Spring Perches
  29. Body Roll Fix - Suggestions?
  30. Coilovers with EDC, sport mode disabled
  31. 400M wheel & Msport Brakes (Blue)?
  32. Anyone has a Red M Performance Brake installed on a black F30 Sport?
  33. Effect of lighter wheels (unsprung mass in general) on vehicle comfort
  34. Who has fitted the M-performance spring on their DHP?
  35. 328i Brake Problems
  36. deleted
  37. 335xi Msport suspension question
  38. M Sport Brakes (blue): pros and cons?
  39. GTA H&R sport springs
  40. BMW M Performance Rocker Panel
  41. Finally! A Top Coilover Option for the F30
  42. f30 LSD
  43. Will dealer service used M Performance BBK under warranty if they do install?
  44. People with DHP + H&R Springs - How is ride?
  45. Anyone with a 328 try posi quiet brakes yet?
  46. Blue M sport brakes with M performance discs
  47. Xdrive adjustable suspension height with DHP?
  48. vorshlag plates & spacers
  49. Adaptive M Suspension Issues and Small DHP vs Non-DHP Review
  50. Corner Balance
  51. F30 coilover compatible with F32
  52. ..::BRAND NEW CHEAP::.. 335i H&R Super Sport Lowering Springs
  53. Installing Rear Shocks, Bilstein?
  54. Little help with lowering springs?
  55. Had the m performance suspension installed
  56. default camber angle for OEM wheels?
  57. When to install H&R Springs
  58. How to find out which H&R Super Sports these are?
  59. Brake pads for F31 320d sport line
  60. H&R Sport + Bilstein B8
  61. Finally! Swaybars for F30 (Eibach with Part Numbers)
  62. Msport Adaptive Suspension all four or just front or back?
  63. Fs bc racing coilover
  64. M Performance Springs
  65. H&R springs - how long do they last?
  66. Wheel alignment - at dealer only?
  67. Pics - 2013 335i after MPS settled
  68. what springs are you guys running to lower your f30
  69. My performance brake resale value?
  70. Brembo BMW Performance Brakes
  71. F30 Springs and Rates
  72. F32 series suspension vs F30 suspension
  73. what is the best economical and performance way to low a car?
  74. H&R Springs on XDrive - Are you rubbing/making weird noise like mine?
  75. H&R antiroll bar
  76. Shocks for xdrive with H&R sport springs
  77. EU Sportline Suspension
  78. M Performance Suspension...in Eco Pro...Hello
  79. H&R/Eibach 40mm lowering
  80. Wheel Clearance for M Performance BBK
  81. Road Noise!!!
  82. how many ways to lower the car?
  83. Got my Centric Brake ads today!
  84. H&R Sport + Bilstein B8 Dampers or Bilstein B14
  85. M sport suspension on 335 xdrive
  86. Uhhhh...Bagged!
  87. F32 428i x-drive h&r springs on their site
  88. Motion Control Coilover - F30 Project
  89. When we gonna see a coilover or shock/spring combo for the xDrive?
  90. 428 bolt pattern?
  91. 435i M Sport non-DHP + H&R Sport Springs
  92. 2013 335xi on H&R sport springs quick review
  93. Improve Handling
  94. Alignment after spring install
  95. H&R Coil Overs
  96. Active Hybrid 335 Springs
  97. I've enough with that 4x4 look...
  98. Pic Request
  99. H&R Sport Springs on XDrive = Blown shock already
  100. H&R Sport + Bilstein B8 Mini Review
  101. Coilovers Dillema
  102. M-Perf Suspension Owners with non-factory tires
  103. What is the weak link in M Adaptive Suspension?
  104. Bilstein Coil-overs or Bilstein shocks+springs
  105. Explanation of How M Adaptive Suspension Works
  106. squeaky blue m-sport brakes
  107. Replacing M-Sport Brake Pads
  108. PSS10 Comfort vs. Normal Version?
  109. What is the cheapest option to improve looks of brakes?
  110. Does my car have EDC?
  111. h&r super sports installed
  112. Lowering.
  113. Anybody have H&R Springs with stock 19s
  114. Brakes 428i vs 435i vs M-Sports vs M Performance
  115. Can you lower your car standard suspension
  116. Springs settling
  117. M Performance Suspension Pulls Right
  118. Do 135i Brakes bolt up to F30?
  119. Way too much bounce and wobble at 65-90mph
  120. Question regarding aftermarket Suspension
  121. 320 and 328s on H&Rs
  122. Sport or Super Sport Springs for 435i?
  123. Canadian Sportline 328i RWD stock suspension
  124. Anyone tried the KW Coilover Kit for the 328 xDrive Wagon (F31)?
  125. Question
  126. BC Racing Coilovers for F30 XDRIVE!
  127. upgrading without adding sport sways
  128. DC/MD/VA Suspension Install Help
  129. What to choose?
  130. Front brake change
  131. Suspension upgrade? 335xi
  132. after brake recall, any change in pedal feel?
  133. Need opinions on lowering my 428i m sport
  134. A Simple Question.
  135. Coilovers for F32
  136. H&R and Eibach spring kits bumpstops?
  137. Brake squeak during coasting
  138. Anyone running Bilstein B12 Kit?
  139. Question.
  140. 435x - would like to drop an inch...
  141. Dinan Springs Update (review pending)
  142. F32 M Sport Suspension - any got it?
  143. do i have DHP? Im a BMW noob
  144. Camber Plates
  145. which suspensions are people changing to?
  146. Aftermarket pads for M-Performance brakes
  147. H&R Coilovers Installed 2014 335 M Sport
  148. Dinan springs vs AC Schnitzer springs
  149. F32 Standard Suspension?
  150. F30 Xdrive Coilovers
  151. clunk, rattle, clank noise
  152. F30 Camber plates
  153. BMW F30 Lowering Springs with MINIMAL DROP
  154. brake pedal release
  155. F32 M performance Suspension - Part # ??
  156. Does the MPerformance kit use the Sport/MSport sway bars?
  157. Anyone know how much the blue brake caliper upgrade is?
  158. M-Sport/Sport Springs on Standard Suspension
  159. Aftermarket suspension 101
  160. Changing to Coilovers affect DDC
  161. shud i get kw v1?
  162. Shock absorber fluid
  163. Dinan Springs REVIEW (sportline/without DHP):
  164. Pics of H&R Super Sport Springs on 2014 435i M-Sport
  165. Little Brake Sounding Squeal in Reverse
  166. Squeaky Brakes? Apparently there's a bulletin for that.
  167. Another Rock in the Brakes
  168. suspension questions
  169. Dinan F30 Springs Pricing
  170. Brake question
  171. KW coilover for f30 xdrive
  172. Part/Serial No. of the Original M Sport / Sport Springs (F30 RWD)
  173. H&R Sport Springs Installation Questions
  174. Goodridge SS Brake Lines
  175. Xdrive Coilover Demend
  176. Bilstein PSS10 Coilovers
  177. F32 ride height vs E92
  178. KW Coilovers for X-drive finally here
  179. H&R Super Sport Springs on Base 328i
  180. New to coilovers - 335i xDrive - POLL
  181. Has anyone considered replacing 328i shocks with 4 series shocks??
  182. DHP Working?
  183. Anyone done a non-DHP coilover/shocks on their DHP car?
  184. Dinan Springs.WOW!
  185. 435 Spring Replacement
  186. 2.5 years of F30 and no antiroll bars??
  187. Color Vote
  188. Rear spring replacement
  189. F30, lowering con and pro
  190. anyone with base f32 on supersport springs??
  191. Brake upgrades - options for drilled rotors on 335i?
  192. What all is involved in installing an M-Performance Brake system?
  193. Body roll
  194. Let's make a review on Air Ride for the f30! Airforce sus
  195. Retrofit sports suspension
  196. H&R sport springs on 4 series - non xdrive
  197. Retrofitting the Sport / M Sport Suspension on a F30 320D Luxury Line
  198. Blue M Sport Brakes
  199. 2013 328i Msport X-drive rotor dimensions?
  200. Max Camber
  201. M performance supension vs M sport with dinan
  202. Ceramic pads for 435 with M-Sport brakes?
  203. coilovers with minimal drop
  204. REVIEW: M Performance Suspension on 2012 335i
  205. Bilstien B8 & H&R Supersports
  206. Warped Rotors? F30/335i under 5k miles?
  207. Stock Fender to Ground
  208. Dinan 335 X-drive springs
  209. Need Help !! Broken Hex Bolt
  210. helps on Brake noise or possible aftermarket wheel noise.
  211. Dinan springs with M Adaptive suspension
  212. F32 Wheel Alignment. Same as F30?
  213. Coilover Assistance Required: BMW 328i F30 - EDC ?
  214. Just ordered my BC Coil overs for my F30
  215. Spring install torque specs?
  216. Suspension options?
  217. Looking to buy H&R sport springs
  218. Best coil over or strut and spring combo???
  219. Dinan Brembo brake kits f30 f32
  220. Is H&R or Dinan the only aftermarket spring option for X-drives?
  221. Rust on brake Hub, should I be worried?
  222. In a bit of a quandary regarding brakes.
  223. F30/F32 Suspension Torque Settings
  224. Longevity of Adaptive shock absorbers
  225. M Performance Brakes -- ticking sound..anyone else??
  226. Removing F30 Suspension
  227. Question for people with H & R sports
  228. need help finding a good shop to install some coil overs on my f30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  229. BC coilovers for my F30 328i
  230. 335 stock brakes compatible W/ 328 ?
  231. spacers question
  232. Suspension bushings
  233. F32 Suspension Torque Values
  234. Bilstein PSS/9/10 for F32
  235. Review: M Performance Suspension on a 328i
  236. Brakes replacement already?
  237. Alignment Specs
  238. Luxury/Base Suspension vs. Sport/M-Sport
  239. M-Performance Brakes Weight
  240. Rotors
  241. H&R Super Sports, which spacers??
  242. H&R sport/Bilstein B8 with 235/45r17(base 328)
  243. Brake Break-In (bedding-in)?
  244. Which front calipers are on a sport pack 320i?
  245. KW suspension on 335 xdrive
  246. Dinan Springs - Street/Track Review **SHOCKWARE Review Added**
  247. Who Has Spring Install Tips?
  248. M performance suspension on 435i xDrive adaptive suspension (DHP)
  249. Dinan suspension 328xi
  250. KW Clubsport for F30 Out