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  1. 2013 BMW 335i xDrive: Retrofit DHP (and other options)?
  2. Alignments
  3. Dinan springs and baseline suspension vs. DHP stock
  4. Driving Mode Differences
  5. xDrive f30 - pretty simple - KW Coilovers or DINAN?
  6. Want to lower my 435i, what are some good options?
  7. Looking to buy HR lowering springs
  8. Is BMW MP BBK really good?
  9. KW Coilovers
  10. size help please
  11. for vendors...who will be carrying bilstein for the x drives
  12. Centric low dust pads for M-Sport 435?
  13. What do you guys think?
  14. KW f30 street comfort PICS
  15. squeaky brakes
  16. BC Racing Coilovers for F36 confirmed!
  17. Camber Issue after Accident
  18. MPS Installed
  19. Brakes Squealing in Cold temps
  20. KW Clubsports on a 328...
  21. Lowering Springs F36
  22. Red M Sport 4 Piston Calipers
  23. H&R super sports w/ 704 Msport suspension.
  24. Squeeky Brakes?
  25. Standard Brakes Retaining Springs?
  26. Chassis reinforcement plate (from CPM Japan)
  27. More front camber using oem parts
  28. Can a really hard brake cause a warped rotors?
  29. Bilsteins Coil overs for F36 found
  30. Destroyed my shock/strut mount top hat
  31. MPS Knocking & Clunking noise
  32. Raleigh NC Suspension installation recommendations
  33. these arent KW V2's for an F30 are they? HELP!!!!
  34. KW install, headlights now point down - but level sensors are installed properly?!
  36. Which springs to get?
  37. Question for guys with EARLY 2014 435i on H&R sport or supersport springs
  38. HELP! Anyone with KW's please read this! HELP
  39. MSport Brakes
  40. OEM RWD MSport Springs on an xDrive MSport car?
  41. H&R Sport Spring to soft with stock shocks, Coilover or new shocks?
  42. Have anyone try new JRZ RS 2 suspension?
  43. F30 318d lowering springs/wheels
  44. H&R Part Numbers...
  45. Dinan springs f32 xdrive
  46. Ohlins Road & Track BMW 3-Series F30
  47. Robbing the F8x M3 M4 for suspension parts
  48. Best fix for 'crashy' front suspension
  49. H&R Sport Springs review
  50. Some advice?
  51. Blown strut??
  52. 435i H&R Sport F33
  53. ST Weitec Springs by KW...
  54. Need Help with Suspension Choices/Questions *2015 335xi
  55. Opinions on CKS coilovers?
  56. Needs assistance with Luxury or Modern line cars
  57. OEM F30 M-Sport Springs
  58. Brake pkgs explained.
  59. Sport XI springs vs Msport springs, same?
  60. Spotting the Difference Between H&R 28832-1 and 28832-2..
  61. M Performance Brake Pedal Travel and Feel
  62. Lowering adaptive m suspension?
  63. Springs to Pair with Bilstein B8
  64. WTF?? Help suspension ID
  65. Struts leaking at 6k miles???
  66. F30 328i xdrive P337 upgrade
  67. M Adaptive Sus & MPE Springs
  68. E90/92 m3 brakes on f30?
  69. Aggressive Brake Pad
  70. KW Street Comfort (P/N 1802000S) for F30 xDrive: any experience / feedback?
  71. Coilovers for xDrive with Adaptive Suspension?
  72. KW V2 sagging issue?
  73. Brake Pad Wear Sensor: M Performance Brakes?
  74. f32 springs
  75. 328i xDrive Dinan Springs + Bilstein B8
  76. 2015 428xi GC Ceramic Brake Question??
  77. Xdrive suspension thread
  78. Any Group Buy for Bilstein B8 this spring ?
  79. M Sport Brake question
  80. Lease Questions
  81. Springs suggestions for AH3
  82. M performance brakes for 328i
  83. M Sport factory brakes retrofit/ 335d/335i brake upgrade.
  84. Change rear brake pads already?
  85. M Performance LSD - can it work on 320i/328i?
  86. Dinan springs and warranty
  87. H&R vs AC Schnitzer Springs for F36/32. Which would you buy?
  88. Physical difference between Xdrive and RWD suspension?
  89. M performance brake bleed/reprogramming
  90. Dinan springs on 328 xdrive indie shop in atlanta
  91. Bilstein coilover install today
  92. BMW 435i Coupe on H&R Super Soft springs: Need advice/help
  93. Does anyone know the factory camber/toe specs for 435i Coupe M-Sport?
  94. Naperville il bmw shop
  95. Just got these in the mail:)
  96. coilovers tech help needed
  97. Blown strut at 20k..;
  98. Bilstein 14
  99. Camber Plates for your F2x F3x
  100. lowering options for 328xi
  101. Installation Cost for Coilover or Springs.
  102. M-Sport Brakes- upgrade to M Performance rotors?
  103. H&r super sport springs
  104. Knock at full lock
  105. BMW M strut brace
  106. KW coilovers vs Bilstein B8 with H&R Springs
  107. Coilover and rattles
  108. Dinan F32 435i xDrive Suspension NOW AVAILABLE!
  109. Dinan f32 xDrive lowering springs available
  110. H&R Sports Springs, Bilstein B8 Shocks, Front Strut Bar, M3 Front Arm REVIEW
  111. Need help!
  112. Adaptive M suspension and H&R sport springs
  113. Bilstein shocks/struts paired with Dinan springs for Xdrive
  114. Going to start tracking the car and looking for brakes options
  115. Spring / Bump Stop Swap: Special Tool?
  116. Question for daily drives with DHP
  117. F30 rear jack point location
  118. Anyone lower their AH3??
  119. Uneven suspension by BMW design?
  120. ACS springs on F30 with base suspension.
  121. Dinan Springs from Dealer
  122. Brembo Big Brake Kit (BBK): Did anyone install it? Feedback?
  123. 335 xDrive H&R Sport Springs *Do I need bump stops?
  124. help: adaptive headlights not responding after coilover installation.
  125. Brake pads for 328i single piston ?!
  126. Will the M sport calipers fit on 345x32 rotors?
  127. Uprgrade to M Performance vs Aftermarket pads and rotors
  128. M-Spot Brakes
  129. Software update and DINAN Shockware
  130. Suspension suggestion for F36 435i RWD
  131. One more question about DHP and X-Drive
  132. Brake Pad Wear Sensors
  133. Ride comfort F30 with 19" wheels and Eibach springs?
  134. KW V1 or H&R super sport springs *chime in
  135. Will the M sport calipers fit on 345x32 rotors?
  136. Novice lowering question for F36 Xdrive DHP
  137. 3-series hitch on a 4 series
  138. Centric Brake Reviews
  139. Dinan Shockware
  140. Rear brake pad sensor tripped
  141. TSB /// Steering: Increased steering effort required
  142. F30 to M3 Body conversion
  143. M Performance Suspension - Breakdown of Parts List
  144. Blue brake color
  145. Wondering about the process of lowering my car??
  146. Dinan Shockware - Brilliant
  147. Pick the Best Lowering Springs on Stock non-Sport Suspension
  148. iDrive telling me brake pads need replacing but....
  149. F36 drop estimates with AC Schnitzer and H&R..conservative??
  150. Air suspension for 4 Series
  151. Dinan Spring Install... something wrong or not?!
  152. 335i Brake Pads Upgrade
  153. Need part numbers for MPS springs - 328
  154. Car sits uneven...?!
  155. Lowering tools
  156. Good coilovers
  157. BILSTEIN 14 vs Stock ride height PICS
  158. KW V2 for gran coupe?
  159. 335i Strut Brace?
  160. Supreme Power does it again!
  161. Lowering on xdrive
  162. M-Performance Brake - What comes with the kit?
  163. xDrive lowering springs. New bump stops or no?
  164. F30: Experience with the KW DDC
  165. H&R paired with ?!
  166. 435i + MPPK + MPE
  167. Suspension upgrade: will be too much? (KW V3, M3 LCA, REAR SWAY BAR, STRUT BRACE)
  168. DTC / Traction mode on cars with and without sport+
  169. X drive vs rwd physical suspension difference
  170. Will a new car suspension get lower after breaking it in
  171. What to do about brake dust?
  172. F32 xDrive on Dinan springs
  173. Suspension Choice Help
  174. BC Coilovers reviews?
  175. Suspension upgrade question
  176. M-Sport Brake Pads-Brake Dust Options
  177. what brakes do I have?
  178. off center steering wheel still after alignment
  179. suspension
  180. Close
  181. 435i H&R springs on 435xi
  182. F31 Xdrive, Eibach coming
  183. is there a difference in the undercarriage/shell for f30 328i's around the world?
  184. 435xi with H&R Before / After
  185. scratch sound from the pad and the rotor
  186. F36 xdrive coilovers.....
  187. M Sport suspension part numbers
  188. e90 air struts on a f30?
  189. KW V2/V3: How to adjust rear rebound?
  190. ///M Performance Brakes HELP!! ~Gran Coupe (not much) content~
  191. DC NoVA area: Anyone w/ Shockware or Dinan springs and bumpstops??
  192. H&R Sport Spring question
  193. Installed h&r Coilovers now adaptive suspension lights on
  194. Good places to install Springs in LA
  195. Coilovers installed now chassis light is on
  196. KW V1 install on 2014 335i xDrive notes
  197. Dealer quoted me 10 hours to install the M Performance Brake kit
  198. Suspension upgrade without dropping too much ride height?
  199. Eibach springs on F36 xdrive
  200. F30 KWV2 interchangeable?
  201. Dinan Sway Bar Set (RWD Only)
  202. F30 Alignment Specs for KW Street Comfort?
  203. F30 M Performance Brake Retrofit - Initial Impressions
  204. Dinan Springs F36 X drive
  205. AC Schnitzer Springs on F30?
  206. Need recommendation for spring installer in SoCal
  207. Suggestions for suspension + shock/strut upgrade (see constraints in post body)
  208. Coding M performance on base brakes, IS IT DANGEROUS ?!!
  209. Dinan Springs for F31?
  210. Headlight adjustment after lowering????
  211. Coilovers vs. Springs + Sways vs. Sways only
  212. Hit a curb help!
  213. Bilstein xDrive PSS10 B16 coilovers on F31. Pics, install notes, review
  214. 328i xDrive on Dinan springs paired with Bilstein B8
  215. 2013 328i Xdrive Bilstein B14
  216. Installed - ACS Springs on F36 X-Drive
  217. How to for ARB / Sway Bars ?
  218. Powder coating Front calipers?
  219. Most effective way to combat body roll?
  220. 335i Euro Brake Pad upgrade?
  221. Getting H&R Sports installed in a couple days
  222. How to fix the wobble in the 335 sedan?
  223. Your Experience with Ferodo DS2500 for Fxx
  224. BENT MY RIM! How to improve ride quality on h&r springs
  225. Additional strut bumpers after MPS Install?
  226. Considering a 12 328i sport, steering question
  227. Dinan suspension package on XDrive
  228. Rotor upgrade
  229. Close
  230. Edc car with non-EDC coilovers
  231. Broken shock
  232. 335i xdrive with KW street comfort
  233. Lowered car AC Schnitzer and added M Performance Brakes
  234. KW V2 specifically for Gran Coupe arrived
  235. 2015 420d xdrive spacer info
  236. Spring Suggestion For xDrive!?
  237. UUC sway bars
  238. Has anyone tried Koni FSD dampers?
  239. Pics of ACS Springs for F36
  240. any part of the suspension covered under warranty?
  241. m4 blue stock brakes direct swap to 328i?
  242. EDC or no EDC 4 series
  243. F32 xdrive with KW DDC coilovers
  244. Spring Install NJ
  245. Has anyone retrofitted M Adaptive Suspension on an X-Drive?
  246. Who can get me chassis measurements?
  247. Sport Line/M Sport Suspension vs HR Sport (which one is softer)
  248. Dinan Shockware questions
  249. Rotor resurfacing?
  250. Msport vs. Standard suspension