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  1. M Performance Exhaust on F30 320d
  2. Coming from 335d, would I be happy?
  3. BMW 318d-320d Whats the real difference?
  4. More Power for N47
  5. JBD on 320/328d
  6. N47 M PPK (S163A-equipped cars - possibly includes 328d)
  7. N47 Timing Chain Problems
  8. Euro 6 emission compared to US Tier II
  9. 328d: What are the current options for engine tuning?
  10. Review: PPK for the 328d N47D20 engine
  11. Tuning Boxes for the N47d20: BMS' JBD vs. the Germans
  12. AdBlue (DEF) Fillups from the pump?
  13. PPK for US Spec 328d: already installed??
  14. Delivery with check engine light!
  15. Yahoo article on gassers vs diesel
  16. Determining Diesel Exhaust Fluid Level
  17. 328d oil change
  18. exhaust on 428I
  19. Whistle on cold start
  20. Hartage F10 option
  21. Why are there no aftermarket options for diesel exhaust mods?
  22. Is it possible ? F30 Performance Kit on F25 2.0d
  23. Exhaust system for my F30 ( opinions )
  24. 328d racechip
  25. Different engine in 335d xDrive GT than in others BMW?
  26. Diesel Fuel in North America
  27. Anyone tried Remus Exhaust on f30 320d?
  28. 328d MSport & Cooling System
  29. Learn me about turbo timers
  30. [F31] Howmuch motoroil ?
  31. Dinan Springs X-Drive-335
  32. Misinformation from BMW as to Proper Care of your engine????
  33. 328d Recall?
  34. THings you LOVE about your BMW Diesel???
  35. New owner and 328 diesel tune
  36. RaceChips Pro2 group buy
  37. Dinan suspension upgrade for the 328d
  38. New diesel from Valero
  39. Power KIT , before and after DYNO
  40. RaceChip Pro2 owners: Please update your impressions
  41. 328d Air Filter?
  42. Axleback louder than M Exhaust?
  43. Hartge ECU on my 335d
  44. Tuning Box / Chip compatibility with MPPK
  45. Aftermarket Exhaust Fitment Issue
  46. 328i H&R RSB for the 328d
  47. N47 tuned
  48. Diesel 101
  49. Exhaust recommendations for 420D
  50. ZIP Tuning now offering OBD/flash tuning for Fxx gen BMW
  51. DTUK Tuning Box for Sale
  52. ShifTech Engineering
  53. Remap On F32 , Ecu Cracked Cpi
  54. N57 430d tuning options?
  55. Check Engine Light
  56. F32 2.0d exhaust
  57. VTECH Remap?
  58. F10 535dx w/ US spec N57
  59. Muffler compatabilty
  60. Jbd Tuner & Can Tool For Sale
  61. Seem like Dinan forgot us
  62. AEM / Snow performance water meth kit
  63. What to do about my 2014 BMW 328d engine problem?
  64. Does this exhaust system fit both 2014 335xi/435xi
  65. Chipwerke Tuning Box - N47
  66. jbd tune
  67. F31 xDrive N47 oil change
  68. JR Auto F30 Diesel tuning technical discussion thread!
  69. [Request] 420d 190hp (B47 engine) exhaust sound
  70. Intercooler Charge Pipe....Clips (1series F20,3series F30,4series F32)
  71. Anyone with a racechip? How much did you 0-60 improve?
  72. Does a diesel get much better MPG than a gas engine in heavy traffic?
  73. Installing DTUK tuning box on 430d
  74. F31 F30 328Dx AWD to RWD Swap: Project Completed
  75. BMW M Performance exhaust system Active Sound for diesel models
  76. Tuned results here
  77. Before & After Tailpipe Mod
  78. [Loving Any Help] 430D DTUK Tuning box - Quirky Acceleration & sudden power
  79. Bsfc value for B47/B57 engines
  80. VW TDI Cheating EPA tests
  81. Mass airflow sensor spontaneously disconnecting
  82. Bad diesel fuel can ruin your fuel sytem
  83. 335D Engine issues
  84. 435D remap
  85. 435D Sluggish after latest update
  86. 328d feels like it's missing
  87. ECU tuning N57 diesel engine
  88. Do Not Buy A Bmw Diesel Automobile Without Understanding This
  89. 328d xDrive SAT Coding
  90. Exhaust Recommendations
  91. BMW M Performance Power Kit for 320d
  93. New 2017 G30 5 series 530D engine
  94. BMW Diesel Sound on an 420d with Active-Sound?
  95. 35d ECU tuning
  96. 330D PPK - help me make my mind up, please!!
  97. Trade in value horrible after dieselgate
  98. 330d PPK review
  99. Mission Performance: New to forums, not new to the industry
  100. BMW 435d tuning
  101. M Performance exhaust, muffler delete & lease return
  102. Mission Performance: F30/F31 N47 328D Performance Reflash Dyno results
  103. 435d Stage 1
  104. Diesel DPF Regen
  105. Muffler Delete 2013 F30 335 Sound Clip at Night time
  106. Exhaust Upgrade
  107. Has anyone tried to bring late Model 335d into USA?
  108. Diesel vs Electric
  109. NEED DIMENSIONS for CG Precision R-1 - Race Exhaust
  110. Exhaust tip f30
  111. New Custom Exhaust!!
  112. N47 Oil Service
  113. 320d. Juddering acceleration, lack of power, erratic.
  114. F31 Cold Air Intake/Induction
  115. 335d intercooler on 330d
  116. New exhaust mid back muffler remove, vibrating normal ?
  117. Oil service interval for the 8HP70
  118. f30 318d engine swap to 325d
  119. Diesel tuning options - compilation
  120. 328d transmission shifts
  121. 435s Muffler delete, back box delete, mufflerectomy
  122. 435d Remap
  123. 435i MPE Silencer on 435d
  124. Review of 328d Mega Speed/JR Auto bench tune
  125. 328d noise when shutting off the engine.
  126. Dinan is looking for an F series diesel
  127. 320D N47 Ecu Tuning Discussion
  128. N47 Timing Chain
  129. Extended Warranty, but out of maintenance oil change
  130. Possible Purchase
  131. K&N Replacement Air-Filter
  132. Remap on F30 320d Efficient Dynamic
  133. Have no fear!
  134. Engine ECU version
  135. [Looking for] 2014 328D US Tune?
  136. Difference between N47 and N47T engines?
  137. NEW RELEASE: DINANTRONICS Sport (M57/N57/N47)
  138. 4 cities to ban diesel vehicles
  139. Adblue necessary or optional?
  140. 328d Issues
  141. P20EE code on 328d with only 3000 miles
  142. zfhp845 adaptation pressure
  143. Excessive shaking in cabin on cold startup?
  144. Mods to increase power of 2016 328d sports wagon
  145. 435d xDrive down on power?
  146. N47 Timing Chain
  147. F30 320d Dual Exhaust conversion! (Fastlane Styling)
  148. f30 320d tuning stage 1
  149. Has anyone fully deleted DPF, cat and EGR on N57?
  150. p3 gauge
  151. AFE Momentum GT Intake
  152. Any Other High-Mileage 328d's Out There?
  153. Front Sway Bar for our F30 diesel?
  154. Jb4 data logs questions
  155. 325d Loss of power and Cooling Fan going Bezzerk
  156. turbo lag varies
  157. PuMA measure 52134200
  158. 318d - Drive+Brake=Tweet (movies)
  159. remap and dyno results 320D
  160. Evolve Tuned 435d X Drive GC: Vbox Testing
  161. Codes P2201 & P229F
  162. What are the SYMPTOMS of a transfer case issue?
  163. PDF files on N47 and SCR system
  164. Potential remap on a 330d M sport
  165. 328D - oil drain plug hidden under cover?
  166. Oil filter housing socket size?
  167. 2015 330d 8AT Jerky after start stop and when in sports transmission
  168. 320d x drive auto no gears
  169. 320d M Remap and induction questions
  170. Transfer Case issue
  171. Knock sensor common failure on F30 328d?
  172. F30 328d xDrive Coal Switch Question
  173. Whooshing noise accelleration 430d
  174. 330D N57 engine Swirl flaps
  175. Transfer Case Failures Database
  176. 335d xDrive Remap or Tuning Box
  177. EGR Error Percentage limits?
  178. N47 Straight-Pipe?
  179. European Diesel vs American diesel
  180. Max nm on f31 318d 2014 automatic gearbox
  181. What remote tunes or tuning devices are out there?
  182. 2013 F30 320D ED Remapping
  183. Unusual noise at tickover
  184. what is the part number of the 530D/535D injector upgrade?
  185. TechronD
  186. loaner car yields higher appreciation
  187. 328d CCV Oil Catch Can
  188. N57 Turbodiesel Engine Workshop manual
  189. p0087 code thrown...options?
  190. BMW X Drive , 2WD?
  191. Transfer case rebuild, need help
  192. Oil change life
  193. Air intake options.
  194. ATC 35L Transfer Case Rebuild
  195. 328d oil change difficulty?
  196. Fuel Injector
  197. Rail Pressure Sensor- Code 276B00
  198. Drive Stabilization error
  199. Turbo upgrade for n47
  200. J&R Auto Performance Inc./ AARodriguez Corp- N47 tunes
  201. Battery recommendations: 2014 F31 328d xdrive
  202. LL-04 or the new LL-12 for my oil change
  203. EGR Cooler fitment?
  204. N47T/N57T High Pressure Fuel Pump Limited Warranty Extension
  205. Vmax - (On legal roads / track)
  206. Coolant hose cold after journey
  207. New 2018 328D MPG
  208. Transmission not parked warning?
  209. F30 320d - is it sound of a timing chain?
  210. Engine rusting on a new 2018 328d. Can anyone check yours.
  211. F30 320D Auto Poor Fuel Consumption
  212. Spare Tire
  213. Has anyone tried this on their N57, adjusting the EGR fresh air ratio?
  214. 328d coolant temp & thermostat
  215. Automatic transmission F30
  216. 1500RPM hesitation
  217. F30 ECU removal Video
  218. 328d Emissions System Newbie Woes
  219. Wanting to Know What to Expect w/Tune + Delete
  220. Cheap NoX Sensor Question
  221. BMW Software Updates
  222. F30 faulty transmissions and the overall quality
  223. Air Intake for B47 engine
  224. Not so great MPG 328D
  225. N57 injector test ISTA no Smooth Running Control
  226. MPPK for N47
  227. Hitch installation on 328d and missing heat shield?
  228. F31 335d Hybrid Turbo Conversion
  229. Delete
  230. Used car - Oil refill: Which type of oil needed?
  231. Increased boost after tune?
  232. CEL P049D
  233. 335d Meth Injection
  234. Diesel Exhaust Fluid Warning
  235. 435d /335d MAP sensors
  236. Dyno Remaps Stockton on Tees UK
  237. Oil drain plug and filter socket
  238. N57 Intake breakdown and clean
  239. Turning off x-drive
  240. SCR Delivery Module
  241. Transfer case VTG Error
  242. Need some advice
  243. BMW 318D F31 timing chain or normal sound?
  244. N47 - 100k miles... recommended maintenance?
  245. Racechip tuning box on F30 335d
  246. F30 320D Rattle
  247. "Driveline malfuction" Warning Disappeared
  248. F30 TMC Tuning Box connections
  249. FS: Juice Box Diesel (JBD) for sale
  250. Timing chain kit