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  1. M2 Pricing
  2. Build Your Own M2 on BMW's Military Website
  3. BMW taking deposits for the M2.
  4. BMW Taking M2 US Build Information... When?
  5. canadian pricing guess?
  6. M2 Allocation Waiting List
  7. ED 5% off instead of 7% off base US MSRP starting 1/16
  8. Full BMW M2 options / equipment list (+ codes)
  9. Question about being #1 on allocation
  10. My production week : week 6/16 (week 6 of 2016). Order status 112.
  11. Where can I find a dealer (midwest) that WILL do european delivery?
  12. Allocation/Euro Delivery question
  13. M2 U.S. MSRP dream
  14. BIMMERPOST Guide to Ordering and Tracking your BMW
  15. BMW M2 will appear in European dealer system on Oct. 15
  16. BMW M2 price (Base MSRP) confirmed - $51,000
  17. UK Price List
  18. Anyone else that ordered today?
  19. Swedish base and option prices
  20. Dealers taking wait lists?
  21. Speculated US Options list/groups and pricing?
  22. Lease or buy if unsure about keeping the car a year?
  23. UK deals
  24. How much do you think you will *actually* pay for your M2?
  25. USAA Buyer Program M2
  26. M2 chances of ordering?
  27. my M2 spec sheet / options
  28. Anyone know when you can put in your order (u.s.)?
  29. Full German Pricelist
  30. #1 on M2 Dealer List but on the fence as to whether I'll take it.
  31. M2 Price List Brochure (German)
  32. Online configurator...
  33. Canadians: Pricing $61,000 - CONFIRMED
  34. Availability of M2 over 2series product life cycle
  35. M2 Leasing Residual
  36. Order Numbers UK
  37. Group Delivery June 2017
  38. Dealer Experience - M2 ED Deposit
  39. UK BMW M2 price list.
  40. Production for my car set for January! :)
  41. Horrible news! No M2 for Military Sales
  42. No Military Orders in Asia Either!
  43. European Delivery M2, when?
  44. M2 South Africa Pricing
  45. U.S. M2 Pricing timing
  46. Anyone reconsidering ED?
  47. M2 Individual
  48. Australia BMW M2 pricelist/options - AU$89.9K and AU$98.9K
  49. M2 Lease Residual / MF Guesses?
  50. Canadian pricing confirmed
  51. Carbuzz Confirming Price??
  52. 2016 M European Tour - Canada to include M2
  53. Ordered!
  54. When will US Orders Begin?
  55. When will US Orders Begin?
  56. UK launch 6.2% APR
  57. Canadian European delivery tour M2 & M4 GTS 2016
  58. European Delivery
  59. Canadian Premier at the Montreal auto show Jan15-24
  60. US Price Live on BMWUSA.com - $51,700!!!
  61. I'm all 'IN'
  62. U.S. Pricing Guide for 2016 BMW M2
  63. UK M Drivers Package & Build Numbers
  64. Dealer Recommendations for ED
  65. Builder for M2 is up in Europe
  66. Official BMW Canada ordering guide
  67. US deliver dates?
  68. When will BMW start building RHD M2s?
  69. You willing to pay market adjustment?
  70. Poll: Which colour?
  71. UK deliveries of M2 end of 2016?
  72. Dealer Launch Model Production Complete!
  73. Just Placed My Order
  74. HELP
  75. Put a deosit down 12/2013, just placed my order today. #1 in St. Louis, MO, USA
  76. M2 allocation at ED MSRP and/or driving school spot @ European tracks
  77. Got production number – status 111
  78. Extra m2 allocation
  79. Is Anyone Else Planning Performance Center Delivery?
  80. Dealer wants to charge me $5,000 over MSRP after they took a $1000 deposit
  81. Anyone else a little nervous???
  82. Spain: M2 ordered in October 2015, delivery…?
  83. Anyone else planning for 2017?
  84. Anyone stuck with LBB want to trade for AW?
  85. M2 Configurator on BMW UK now LIVE
  86. Non-Dealer Launch Model
  87. How reliable are BMW estimated production dates?
  88. Wheel locks, first aid kit
  89. LBB/Exec/6spd Available?
  90. Getting Screwed!
  91. Introduction + HELP! 1 week to decide on color choice
  92. BMW M2 at MSRP!!
  93. U.S. M2 prodcution status 150: Estimated completion: February 3rd.
  94. Any AW/Exec/DCT Launch car Available? (US)
  95. Not sales - I know of a M2 LBB launch car available for sale
  96. Just Snagged a Launch Car
  97. ///M2 w/Moonroof option in North America... Good or not...!?!
  98. 6MT Orders
  99. About to pull the trigger and have a few questions, please help...
  100. For those on M Tour 2016 #2!
  101. HEA AW M2 6mt looking for trade
  102. Launch car incoming
  103. M2 Orders in California - A Real Recommendation
  104. AW exec 6spd M2 - my first bmw :)
  105. Dealer screwed me over on a Launch M2
  106. Ordering Not Yet Available For USA?
  107. Financing M2
  108. Anticipated private sales depreciation?
  109. US Orders Placed
  110. OMG: Wichita Falls TEXAS - you have made my Day!!! (Allocation confirmed)
  111. Will all dealers announce allocations in February?
  112. Actual options for HEA and first production cars?
  113. History lesson on market adjustments, I8
  114. 1st not-launch model in Peru. Order placed and waiting!!!
  115. Have allocations actually been released to dealers?
  116. Anyone else on the TUGELA?
  117. I'm #2 at a Gouging Dealer.
  118. Aussies - Have you ordered MDCT ot MT?
  119. HEA car available as of this posting.
  120. M2's Being Held Up At Port?
  121. Vin code
  122. Price Gouging - $10,000 over MSRP at BMW of Dallas
  123. Can't decide to place my M2 order or not. HELP!
  124. Dealer Deposite
  125. DCT Question
  126. BMW CCA Discount
  127. ED Dates?
  128. Who looking for a m2 in April (Nyc)
  129. EPA Hold got released (???)
  130. M2 Allocations in Canada
  131. Timeline
  132. Looking to trade my HEA LBB for an HEA AW
  133. $ The M4 Premium $
  134. 5 most important options upon ordering
  135. My M2 has arrived to Sweden!
  136. My M2 is out of production
  137. 2016 BMW M2 - 36 month lease rate (residual) announced
  138. Thoughts on 3yr ownership w/finance
  139. BMW Select Financing--make sense with the M2??
  140. BMW M2 Configurator Canada
  141. When will the first customer M2 actually be delivered in the U.S. ?
  142. 10% rebates on Q1 2017 delivery
  143. Anybody on the Kentucky Highway to Charleston and delivery at BMW performance center.
  144. US allocations
  145. Out of State purchase live in AZ buying in CA
  146. BMW of Concord offers M2 allocs for 10k over MSRP
  147. When are M2 Allocation Orders Starting?
  148. Would you give up a 2016 spot for a 2017 with...?
  149. My M2 is built and on it's way..
  150. Satus 112
  151. Anyone else hearing April 2nd release from their SA?
  152. BMW Company Discount
  153. All Aboard the Manon!
  154. Launch Car @ upstate NY dealer still available!
  155. UK VED changes April 17
  156. M2 Allocation NJ #2 Spot
  157. Cancelled my order
  158. Lead on an available launch LBB, Executive, 6MT
  159. Lessons learned, strategies
  160. RSTouring Group
  161. BMW M2 online builder now up for BMWUSA!!!
  162. M2 Configurator is live!
  163. BMW of Mountain View $5K Market Adjustment
  164. BMW Select Excel Payment Calculator
  165. M2 allocations TX
  166. M2 available at MSRP
  167. Launch car (MG, Exec, MDCT) in MA
  168. Car Released from Port by BMW
  169. Configuration Ordered - USA
  170. Black M2 Available at MSRP --------- GTA
  171. M2 on BMW USA now
  172. WTF - Still no US Allocation?
  173. BMW M2 Allocation vs Build time, Summary & Current Data
  174. Production Number vs Build Week
  175. 2017 production numbers?
  176. Performance Center Delivery
  177. Another new video, to hold us over!
  178. Hi from Spain!!A new future M2 owner!!
  179. Anyone Hear of New US Allocations This Week?
  180. Anyone able to get Euro Delivery MSRP from US Dealers?
  181. M2 spot
  182. Got My Production Number Today!
  183. Anyone know of an HEA car available?
  184. May get slammed (2nd post) - why the m2?
  185. Got My Production Number Today Too!!
  186. Looking For: Lbb/exec/6spd
  187. If you can't wait, you could buy this now....
  188. Got a decent discount
  189. US April Allocations?
  190. Anyone in Edmonton needing a M2?
  191. 2017
  192. 3 More U.S. M2s available
  193. Production started today
  194. Who needs a m2? Have an open allocation and my name just came up!!!
  195. AW/DCT/exec HEA car available
  196. How many of you ordered the 3 little extra options??
  197. Euro Delivery M2 Anyone?
  198. My allocation is up for grabs!
  199. Faulkner has a demo if anyone wants to test drive
  200. Buy the M2 don't lease it
  201. How Long Can BMW Hold Car After Production for ED
  202. M2 for sale
  203. MG Exec DCT Allocation Grab
  204. Buying from a state with no sales tax
  205. Test drove the M2 this morning
  206. HEA Car in status 112 still....Sound Sketchy??
  207. Looking for one at MSRP
  208. A Question about MSRP
  209. M2 leases
  210. UK M2's £5 -7k over stock price.
  211. Searching for European delivary
  212. Bmw m2 individual?
  213. Lease Deals
  214. Confirming no one from Rallye in NY is taking receipt of an M2 any time soon..
  215. BMW of Dallas has an M2, asking 10K over msrp
  216. Who else got port options installed???
  217. Dealer says I can't do PCD with HEA?!
  218. PSA: White M2 HEA car DCT, Exec MSRP in stock
  219. Topeka BMW -$94k???
  220. Let's just laugh at this for a sec - 95,000 Euros
  221. Looking for M2 @ MSRP...
  222. HELP ASAP, thanks :)
  223. BMW of Palm Springs
  224. well, I ordered an M2, but i think the dealership was full of it
  225. PSA round 2: Another AW DCT Exec car @ MSRP
  226. Can someone explain the quote I got?
  227. US West Coast Bound - Who's waiting for a boat?
  228. M2 for sale - BSM DCT Canada
  229. How many are in the order bank waiting on production number?
  230. Aussie Pricing
  231. Tucson BMW, LBB, DCT, Exec, 5k over msrp
  232. Order books full for the uk ?
  233. Where is this M2 market headed?
  234. Extra set of Allocations ....
  235. Resale value next spring?
  236. PdSA - AW DCT base $10k over MSRP Plus!
  237. BMW 0.9% Financing No Longer Available
  238. West Coast Processing
  239. New M2 for sale
  240. Any Toronto dealers guaranteeing orders for 2017?
  241. Production completed 4/26/16. Anyone else waiting for a carrier?
  242. 2 DCT M2's up for grabs Norcal
  243. Anybody interested in M2 for list price in UK?
  244. Available MA Dealer Allocation
  245. PSA: White M2 w/DCT + Exec Available @ MSRP
  246. Dealership Status (West Coast States)
  247. #1 spot at Bridgewater BMW NJ up for grabs
  248. Anyone have a European Delivery (ED) scheduled?
  249. Is there a friends and family discount on the M2?
  250. Price increase for 2017's???