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  1. Speculation on next generation G20 3 Series and M3/M4
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  8. New BMW 3 ( G20 )
  9. 2018 BMW 3-Series (G20) arrival and news update
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  11. M340i Details: horsepower, M features, new colors, delayed intro
  12. Will it be the ultimate driving machine?
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  14. M340i vs C43
  15. Will the M340 have an M Performance Power Kit?
  16. Colours G20?
  17. M340i Touring available at G21 launch in UK?
  18. When is the actual reveal?
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  20. Latest from AutoExpress
  21. G20 3 Series vs Tesla Model 3
  22. Genesis G70?
  23. 4 doors, xDrive and 6MT
  24. Where will it be assembled?
  25. G21 prototype sighting
  26. 2019 BMW G21 3 Series Touring Spied From All Angles
  27. Leased a Giulia for now
  28. G20 at Nurburg
  29. Why no xDrive for 330e in Europe
  30. G20 prototype first drives to be revealed next week
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  37. More official looks at G20 BMW 3 Series as it enters the final phase of testing
  38. G20 3-Series has drag coefficent of 0.23
  39. Under cover new 3 Series M Performance
  40. G20 3 Series placeholder now on BMW.de
  41. Should I buy an X4 M40i or wait for the M340i?
  42. G20 3 Series World Premiere to be Live Streamed Online October 2nd
  43. 2019 BMW 3 Series (G20) Official Specs, Wallpapers, Videos, Photos, Info!
  44. No manual tranny? No new 3 series for me
  45. Visual Comparison: G20 3 Series vs F30 3 Series M Sport
  46. What time does the 3 series get revealed ? EST
  47. First Look: M Performance Parts for G20 3 Series
  48. Video: BMW G20 3 Series production process at the factory
  49. Visual Comparison: G20 3 Series vs C-Class
  50. G20 configurator online in UK and Germany
  51. 2019 G20 3 Series M Sport vs 2019 B9 A4 S Line
  52. Review of new 3 series from Jalopnik
  53. BMW M340i does 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, available Spring 2019
  54. Visual Comparison: G20 3 Series vs A4 S Line
  55. G20 USA Customers - European Delivery Options?
  56. M340i vs 330i Msport
  57. G20 M Sport Walkaround with BMW Design Chief Adrian van Hooydonk
  58. Why no side air breathers on G20?
  59. While We're Into Details....
  60. 330i is now on BMWusa.com - Confirms Remote Start!
  61. Paris 2018: G20 BMW 330i Luxury Line
  62. BMW live cockpit configuration?
  63. 2019 G20 M340i or 2018 F30 340i?
  64. How often do you switch it into manual mode?
  65. 330e coming July 2019
  66. G20 3 Series begins production in Mexico
  67. Where's the new 48V electrical system?
  68. 2019 M340i versus 2018 M3
  69. G20 in Paris, my impression and comments
  70. G20 3 Series Purposely Designed to be 'Totally Different from the 5 Series'
  71. Spotted G20 3 Series out and about!
  72. Laser Lights Coming to North America?
  73. F31 335d successor?
  74. BMW Development Chief Has Had Enough of 3 Series Critics
  75. 330i M Sport front end vs M340i front end
  76. Top Gear's Review of the New 3 Series
  77. I really hope the M340i exhaust sounds like the X4 M40i
  78. G20 Styling
  79. M340i and 330i have different kidney grills
  80. Anyone know if Coral Red will be an option?
  81. Manual transmission available for the G20, but not in the US
  82. Forget LSD... LCC is the deal breaker for me...
  83. Is there less headroom in G20 than F30? Has it been downsized to that of the E90?
  84. Passenger side mirror dimming?
  85. Here’s what I want to hear from reviewers
  86. G20 has a brake hold feature?
  87. No G21 Sports Wagon for the USA
  88. No performance increase from the F30 to the G20?
  89. G20 330i M Sport or E46 330i ZHP?
  90. G21 3 Series Touring with less camo
  91. 2019 BMW 3 Series G20 handling improvements deep dive
  92. Is the G20's xDrive rear biased? Can it be turned off entirely?
  93. Official 2020 BMW M340i and M340i xDrive Specs
  94. Big grill vs small grill
  95. When will the G2x 4 Series arrive?
  96. Introducing the 2020 BMW 330e Plug-In Hybrid
  97. Ambient lighting? Weak?
  98. Saw the 330i in person!
  99. G20 3 Series Individual Colors: Frozen Dark Grey, Tanzanite Blue, Oxide Grey + more
  100. A bit of hope for red interior
  101. What is the small rectangular recess in the lower grill for?
  102. G20 330i or G01 xDrive30i?
  103. When will the BMW Performance Center start using the M340i for the one-day school?
  104. Red interior - Does it hold up well over time?
  105. More confirmation that the G21 isn't coming to the US
  106. Does anyone have a video of the M340i exhaust sound?
  107. BMW 3-Series (G20) Reviews Compilation
  108. So what about the 320i in the US?
  109. G20 gas tank size?
  110. M340i quarter mile time measured at 12.6s by Carwow
  111. Washer nozzle integrated into wipers?
  112. BMW tries to revive lagging 3 Series sales with new 2019 design that's more BMW-like
  113. Scotty Kilmer gives BMW credit where credit is due
  114. G20 320d new bi-turbo engine
  115. Are there two different tail light styles available?
  116. G20: Official list of US colors for 2019 3 Series
  117. G20 US spec headlights compared - LED (base), Adaptive LED (ZCV) and Laser
  118. US Spec G20: Ask a BMW client Advisor
  119. XDrive differences (if any): F3x vs G2x?
  120. G28 3 Series Long Wheelbase Revealed
  121. US F30 320i owners, what is your plan for your next vehicle?
  122. Sport seats: leather or Sensatec/alcantara? Pictures?
  123. G20 3 Series vs Mercedes C-Class vs Jaguar XE Comparison Review [Auto Express]
  124. G20 3 Series is What Car? Executive Car of the Year
  125. 2020 M340i vs 2020 M550i
  126. What is the trunk volume with the factory spare tire option?
  127. Power Rear Sunshade?
  128. G20 318d, 320i and 330d starting to appear on some UK brokers' websites
  129. Let's talk about the Jaguar I-Pace
  130. Drove the 330i with M Sport Pack and left unimpressed
  131. 330i M Sport Package Test Drive Review: Its fine I guess?
  132. How about a 335i positioned between the 330i and M340i?
  133. Laser Lights - Cornering Light?
  134. G20 Comfort Access: Automatic unlock upon approach?
  135. New G20 Comfort Access Features
  136. Any recent G22/G23 renderings?
  137. M340i or C63S Coupe for European trip?
  138. First impressions from G20 330i RWD test drive
  139. Which exterior color did you choose?
  140. G20 M-Sport Test Drive
  141. G20 Sport Line Test Drive
  142. G20 Vernasca Leather Quality?
  143. G20 3 Series compared to G01 X3 - My review
  144. 2020 BMW M340i vs 2020 Mercedes-AMG C43
  145. When will the G20 M340i be available in the U.S. for test drives?
  146. Have you seen the open-pored wood trim in person?
  147. G20 330i test drive review
  148. Doug Demuro reviews 2019 330i G20
  149. Official TV Commercial for the 2019 BMW 3 Series (G20)
  150. BMW 3 Series (G20) Returning to Race in British Touring Car Championship (BTCC)
  151. 2019 BMW 3 Series vs Audi A4 vs Mercedes C-Class
  152. Got my 330i M Sport yesterday
  153. Favor? Close up view of front sensors?
  154. M340i xDrive Track Review: MotoManTV
  155. BMW 330e Plug In Hybrid First Drive Review by Motortrend
  156. Want to remove the spare tire permanently - where can I get the proper cover?
  157. G20 3 Series Accessories List
  158. After a dozen years, considering a move from BMW to Audi
  159. G20 330i Loaner Initial Impressions!
  160. Is the bottom section of the door card made from hard plastic?
  161. US M340i Configurator Images
  162. New Ad for M340i xDrive - "Love Rivals"
  163. Will the Thule Wingbar Edge 9592 roof rack work on the G20?
  164. Help! I'm having second thoughts about the M340i I ordered
  165. Get a 2019 330i xDrive or keep my 2016 M235i xDrive?
  166. G20 owners, have you noticed tachometer lag?
  167. Real life pictures of Oxide Grey II?
  168. Any idea on G22 M440i release date?
  169. Plant San Luis PotosŪ is now producing 330i models for US consumption
  170. G20 3er - 'sup with the huge grille?
  171. Joe Achilles G20 M Sport Review
  172. G20 330i BTCC Race Cars Unveiled!
  173. Has anyone driven both the 330i sport and 330i M Sport?
  174. Why didn't BMW choose OLED tail lights for the G20?
  175. 2020 M340i G20 Configurator live on BMWUSA
  176. Has anyone seen Tetragon or Mesheffect interior trim?
  177. M340i with RWD or AWD?
  178. M340i Weight Increase
  179. Where will 3 Series horsepower be in 2030?
  180. I'm curious - why no "340i"?
  181. 330i xDrive Car and Driver Review (Not Positive)
  182. M340i RealOEM.com Part Diagrams Posted
  183. Official G20 Individual Configurator
  184. G20 3-Series: What I've learned since taking delivery
  185. Any in-depth video reviews of the M340i?
  186. How do I break the tires loose with my new 330i?
  187. G20 330i Msport Test Drive Review (former F30 328 MSport / Track Package owner)
  188. Will there be a "340i"?
  189. CarScoops: 2020 Audi S4 Avant Coming For BMW M340i And Mercedes-AMG C43
  190. 2020 M340i depreciation?
  191. If youíve test driven or taken delivery of an M340i, share your impressions
  192. The M340i's ZTK Cooling and HP Tire Package is impressive
  193. I drove a G20 330i M Sport at the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience
  194. Vendors: Release the Mods!
  195. When will M340i reviews be published?
  196. Electronic glitches - WTH is wrong with my car?
  197. Any info on RWD vs AWD suspension?
  198. M340i: Ask Me Anything
  199. Killing time waiting for M340i reviews
  200. Should I spec ZTK on my car if itís just a daily driver?
  201. For those who drive a 330i - what is your fuel consumption?
  202. Petition: Manual transmission for the USA
  203. The sunroof doesn't seem to open as far as it should
  204. Extended Warranty for G20
  205. Ultimate Maintenance package
  206. I picked up my M340i today
  207. Got a new G20
  208. Why hasn't the M340i reached Southern California yet?
  209. What should I do? Lease up in 2 months on my F80
  210. Tons of questions for G20 owners
  211. Tow hitch?
  212. 330i xDrive M-Sport with M-Sport brakes?
  213. 330i Sport+ and Launch Control?
  214. Comfort Access automatic unlocking no longer works
  215. Does the trunk button on the key fob require two clicks?
  216. Opinions on Lane Keeping Assistant?
  217. Does the electronic parking brake use the regular rear caliper?
  218. 2019 3 Series (G20) Earns IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Rating
  219. Does Launch Control come standard with the M340i?
  220. Autocar 320d M Sport review
  221. 2020 BMW 330e PHEV First Drive Review by Roadshow
  222. Whatís it like to own and live with the Cognac Interior?
  223. M340i or X3 M40i?
  224. Test Drove a 330i M Sport today
  225. How does everyone like the new Comfort Access?
  226. Real world fuel economy for both 330i and M340i?
  227. I'm almost too afraid to ask: G20 or G30?
  228. M340i vs M240i
  229. What would you change about your car if you could order it again?
  230. First time BMW owner with a new 330i
  231. BMW 3 Series Gets New Individual Colors and Drive Recorder This Summer
  232. Motor Trend comparison test: Tesla Model 3 vs. 330i vs. Genesis G70
  233. My G20 330i loaner experience
  234. Comfort Access locking issue
  235. Cerium Grey on the mirror caps looks different from other trim pieces?
  236. M Sport steering wheel quality issues (w/ pics)
  237. Floor mat material?
  238. G20 M Sport steering wheel leather quality?
  239. Traffic Jam Assist - how do you like it?
  240. My M340i test drive
  241. Where is the odometer?
  242. A week with the M340i
  243. The M340i current speed/gear font is different from the 330i
  244. 330i M Sport first week impressions
  245. AC Schnitzer G20 3 Series
  246. Will Mexican G20s be affected by the new tariffs?
  247. Where can I get a 2019 G20 Brochure?
  248. BMW already supplying G20 3 Series for daily rental market in UK
  249. Is the small inner element of the Adaptive LED headlights actually functional?
  250. My new M340i xDrive doesn't have an xDrive badge