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  1. BIMMERPOST Guide to Ordering and Tracking your BMW
  2. F90 M5 US Order Bank now open. HEA cars allocated to US Dealers
  3. 2018 F90 M5 UK Pricing Guide
  4. USA F90 M5 Price?
  5. F90 purchase process with Euro delivery?
  6. !! 2018 BMW M5 Price (U.S.) starts at $102,600 and USA Military Price Released !!
  7. 2018 M5 MSRP + More (Canada). Starts at $113,300
  8. 2018 F90 M5 First Edition Canadian price list and options
  9. Potential lease prices?
  10. Ordering F90 M5
  11. F90 US Options and Packages Prices for First Edition M5
  12. What is a "reasonable" $ under Sticker (not invoice) for an HEA M5 ?
  13. F90ís About to Ship
  14. European Delivery Pricing
  15. F90 on a 5 years lease ?
  16. Has anyone got a good deal on a Launch Edition car?
  17. Anyone tracking build progress with your production number ?
  18. Leasing vs Purchasing new F90 M5
  19. F90 M5 Australian option list
  20. Canceled m5 preorder for new e63s amg
  21. Is Allocation REQUIRED before a Dealer can get a production number ?
  22. 2018 M5 First edition
  23. How to track M5
  24. Available M5 allocation
  25. 2018 M5 first available
  26. what is the M sport exhaust?
  27. First M5's held up in port
  28. Anyone else disappointed
  29. M5 HEA Allocation Available
  30. Modifiable M5 Allocation Available About To Go Into Production
  31. European delivery
  32. First Edition M5
  33. Anyone else stuck at port?
  34. Please post your F90 M5 Lease deals
  35. Average prices for a F90 M5 lease
  36. Anyone from Canada with M5 orders?
  37. 2018 Sold Out
  38. M5 lease Quote - any good?
  39. What is the first US ED date for the F90 M5?
  40. No M5 for me yet - Damaged at port
  41. Almost $10k discount already?
  42. March 2018 lease rates?
  43. Has anyone been delivered from the Baltimore port?
  44. Owners: Does your ConnectedDrive Remote 3D Work yet?
  45. Seeing dealer markups?
  46. F90 M5 production order pushed back twice
  47. $1699/mo zero down 36 months 12k miles lease
  48. Good Lease Quote F90 M5???
  49. Lease or Finance the new M5
  50. Production week to delivery time, east coast
  51. 2019 F90 M5 allocations starting when?
  52. Anyone from Nordics/Europe with M5 orders?
  53. How do I know my dealer actually has a modifiable allocation.
  54. M5 Msrp - Canada Vs Us
  55. Order status
  56. UK Prices
  57. Performance Center Delivery
  58. First edition question
  59. 2019 availability for order
  60. How long before production was your production date confirmed?
  61. Wait 6 more months or purchase now?
  62. Euro delivery late summer?
  63. Car is sitting at port
  64. Time from Status 111 to 112?
  65. Just closed on this beauty!
  66. May Residuals and MF?
  67. Special APR and APR credit
  68. Pricing in SoCal
  69. 2019 Competition Package
  70. Any Updates on Release of 2019 M5 Allocations?
  71. Wondering about your experience with production status updates...
  72. Pricing in NJ/NY
  73. Delivery time from Halifax to Toronto?
  74. BMW M5 comp is now on the locator
  75. BMW "Genius" - Canada
  76. Very concerned about my EUro Delivery
  77. wow this price is crazy
  78. BMW SF individual program
  79. does anyone know what the Euro INVOICE price
  80. What happens if BMW messes up my build.
  81. Anybody experience delay at the port?
  82. Who Has Received An Allocation For A 2019 M5?
  83. June MF and Incentives/Rebates
  84. Official: BMW Lease MSD Program returns for Eastern Region, Florida and Hawaii
  85. F90 M5 Competition Options List and Pricing. Order Allocations Now Available
  86. 2019 BMW M5 Order Guide and Price Guides (Standard and Competition Models)
  87. What's a Good Deal for an Ordered 2019?
  88. How long did you wait to receive your M5 from start to finish?
  89. Standard Trim - Light vs. Dark
  90. What Is The Money Factor For European Delivery?
  91. Ask a BMW CA Thread:
  92. Used F90 in PA
  93. Driving Assistance Plus Package - What is it?
  94. F90 Competition Canadian info yet?
  95. M Tri-Color Seatbelts
  96. Assist me in getting a good deal please.
  97. M5 lease credit
  98. Did BMW just destroy M5 Leasing???
  99. My 2019 F90 Competition - Status 195 - On a Ship
  100. I'm Doing European Delivery This Fall, Who Else Is Going To The Welt?
  101. Good News On My M5
  102. Winter tire season in Germany
  103. M5 Competition is Driving Me Crazy
  104. Discounts on the F90?
  105. Timing Incentives
  106. Anyone in market for F90 M5 or any other Bmw???
  107. I think my F90 met a Mercedes in Baltimore and ran off
  108. Getting the best deal
  109. MY19 M5 Residuals
  110. 2019 BMW M5 Competition over MSRP?
  111. Individual Paint pricing (US)
  112. 2019 M5 Competition Allocations
  113. Whatís going on at the VPC in Baltimore?
  114. First Edition F90 M5 European Delivery Summer 2018
  115. What dealer in CA is the best at BMW individual?
  116. Some leasing help please on MFs and MSDs?
  117. F90 M5 Competition and Loyalty Credit
  118. Car week
  119. 1 2018 M5 Left In Stock Great Discount!
  120. 3 2019 M5 Comp In stock Great deals!!
  121. Anyone use the Costco $2500 member incentive on a M5 lease/purchase?
  122. M5 f90 2018 to 2019 changes?
  123. September Lease Info Yet?
  124. Port of Exit
  125. 300+ sitting on lots
  126. 19' M5 Comp #'s
  127. Dealer yanking my chain?
  128. I'm on a boat bia... anyone else on the Patriot?
  129. Build Week Question
  130. Vehicle tracking Canada
  131. Very Mad, Is This Dealer Marking Up My Lease?
  132. WTF BMW AG
  133. Finally a way for Canadians to track their cars
  134. M5 Base Production Delays???
  135. BMW CCA Rebate Processing Time?
  136. Glovis Companion
  137. M5 Comp Purchase Deals
  138. How much off MSRP can I expect for an '18 M5 right now?
  139. Why would anyone buy a used F90 on finance right now?
  140. Canadian Programs
  141. Official M5 / M5 Competition Quotes, Pricing and Lease Rates Thread
  142. Spreadsheet for Lease vs Finance
  143. Dealer pushing prepay lease
  144. Please Post your 2019 Base F90 M5 Finance Deals
  145. BMW Factory on Steroids?
  146. Available delivery days at BMW Welt
  147. Frozen Paint Cost
  148. Waiting for a Ship
  149. Anyone else' car onboard The Mignon?
  150. 2019 M5 order - how to add black side gills from VPC?
  151. Anyone on the Glorious Leader
  152. Lease acquisition fee?
  153. Donnonton for Sale
  154. Looking for a good deal on m5 comp
  155. Leasing BMW M5 comp
  156. Anyone get good discount off MSRP?
  157. 19 Comp Almost Ready!
  158. How long from port to dealer?
  159. Ultimate Driving Event
  160. How many of you have financed your M5?
  161. Hope for M5C Leasing?
  162. 2019 M5 Competition delivery question
  163. Incentives and Rebates Update
  164. Individual Fashion Grey '19 M5
  165. M5 December lease program
  166. Sales tax in California
  167. To get out of lease?
  168. Ordering Port installed options
  169. Locking in lease rates while waiting for an order? Help!
  170. AUDIOPHILES! What your EQUALIZER SETUP please?
  171. 2 yr lease possible?
  172. Euro Delivery / Rebate Question
  173. Canada - GTA Discount offers
  174. Muni BMW
  175. New Jersey dealership recommendations for M5 Comp
  176. I'm on the Glovis Cosmos...headed to Baltimore...Anyone else?
  177. Drive off fees..
  178. Leasing vehicle new or used from out of state
  179. M5c or M5
  180. Patiently waiting
  181. Till we meet again .. long 6 weeks
  182. Best deals on in stock and factory order M5 Competition
  183. Last order date for 2019 MY M5?
  184. Any possibility of $5K lease credit for comp?
  185. Anyone else have a car ordered?
  186. Carteligent
  187. US spec M5 Navigation for Euro Delivery?
  188. Port options and cost
  189. European Delivery - any dealers giving additional discounts above 5% off?
  190. BMW Adjustable Suspension
  191. Performance Center Delivery 4/5
  192. Euro Delivery paperwork timing
  193. What would you do? Lease now vs Lease Later
  194. Euro Delivery
  195. Looking for some input on a used 2018 M5 possible purchase.
  196. LIVE Cockpit
  197. M5 Competition Sunroof
  198. Any recommendations for a dealer for a new M5?
  199. Pricing on Leftovers
  200. European Delivery and Dealership Flexibility
  201. Adding performance parts
  202. What boat am I on?
  203. 2020 M5 When and what changes? Get 2019 or wait for 2020?
  204. 2020 BMW M5 Ordering Guide
  205. Planning Nordschleife during busy weekend at GP track... anyone with experiences?
  206. Individual M5 Competition
  207. Has anyone leased a demo?
  208. 2020 M5 Competition Ordering Guide
  209. Placed 2020 M5 order
  210. Typical cost for installing port options
  211. So, today I learned on a lease transfer...
  212. M Performance Side Skirts in Carbon
  213. I'm setting new records!
  214. Ordering 2020 next week, a bit of help please...
  215. Looking for referrals....
  216. Ceramic Brake Option.
  217. Dealership Wear/Tear Protection Plan worth it?
  218. Nardo Grey Euro Delivery (pics)
  219. Pulled the trigger...agonizing over color!
  220. 2020 Port Hold?
  221. thanks to the forum for all of the pricing advice....picked her up yesterday!
  222. Awaiting Carrier Assignment
  223. Pulled the trigger yesterday on the M5 Comp
  224. 2020 M5 Comp Tires... (Which brand are they shipping with?)
  225. M5 Comp ordering
  226. Never leased before---need help!!!
  227. Best Dealer Pricing For New Build M5 Comp?
  228. M Performance ordering guide?
  229. Transit time to Galveston
  230. Anyone have Auction #s?
  231. Tracking status going backwards?
  232. Tracking status going backwards?
  233. 2019 M5 comp.
  234. M5 2019 Comp
  235. debating two different deals
  236. Dealer messed up color - how to fix before order goes to production
  237. Only way I can get approved to lease a 2019 M5 is a "one pay lease"...
  238. Only way I can get approved to lease a 2019 M5 is a "one pay lease"...
  239. How Long Was Your Car at the Port?
  240. Two M5C Deals - One Pre-Owned Purchase / One New Lease
  241. Does anyone have 24 month lease residuals on M5?
  242. M5 comp pack. $1,199 including tax high msrp if anyone wants it
  243. Absolute zero drive off
  244. Rebates/Incentives for 2020
  245. How to find out how long a car has been sitting on a dealers lot
  246. Is it a good deal?
  247. 2020 M5 Comp MF and Residual
  248. CCA Rebate
  249. Looking for a '19 M5 Comp or non-Comp to lease
  250. My new 2019 M5 deal!