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  1. If you had the new M2 Competition, will you put a tune on it?
  2. M2 Competition S55 performance
  3. S55 issue even in M2 Competition
  4. 620HP BMW M2 with S55 Engine.
  5. BMW M Performance Exhaust NOT legal anymore in Germany!
  6. Anyone painted/obscured the M2C exhaust muffler ?
  7. New Exhaust Sound Clip!
  8. MPE and CF diffuser in M2C
  9. OPF queries: did I just open a box of Pandora or am I lost in a manic brainstorm?
  10. M2c downpipes
  11. M2 Competition dyno charts? UPDATED with first dyno results (crank) (Sep 2018)
  12. Let the development begin!
  13. M2 M Perf Exhaust vs M2C OEM Exhaust
  14. M2 Competition Engine Tuning
  15. M2 Competition Exhaust mods
  16. akrapovic m2 base to comp exhaust
  17. *** M2 Competition (S55) support now available with bootmod3 ***
  18. Crank Hub Issue
  19. *** Boost/Torque by Gear (% Reduction) - New Map Configuration option - bootmod3 ***
  20. M2C oil cooler skidplate?
  21. M Performance Exhaust US: does someone have an exact release date ?
  22. M Performance coilovers for M2 and M2C: same ?
  23. M performance exhaust install before car pick up vs after
  24. M2C exhaust pictures
  25. BMW M3 (M2C) Straight Pipes Muffler Delete
  26. seems like they reprogramed the rev match
  27. Rear Diff Fluid Change
  28. Closer look at an EU Spec M2C exhaust system
  29. Who has upgraded / owned both the M2 to M2C
  30. *** bootmod3 - OBD Agent Update, faster flash times ***
  31. Eisenmann Exhaust System for M2C
  32. M2c click sound beyond dct gear stick
  33. Slight noise at idle (clutch?)
  34. M2C MPE: any update regarding availability ?
  35. [VIDEO] First Slip-on Exhaust Modification!
  36. AP S55 Front Mount Intakes Installed
  37. Fabspeed Open House Oct. 20Th
  38. First front mount intakes on M2C
  39. ▀▄ eas | MY19 M2 Competition Dynojet results! (whp) (Sep 2018)
  40. Aftermarket parts question
  41. PIPERCROSS FILTERS Now Available!
  42. New Product VRSF High Flow Upgraded Air Intake Kit M2 Comp
  43. M2C HS, DCT, MP Madness - Build Thread
  44. Any M2C with the CS tune yet?
  45. Let's talk about the MPE Exhaust for the US
  46. M2c dynojet #
  47. VRSF Intakes Installed On comp m2
  48. *** bootmod3 User Manual ***
  49. bootmod3 for BMW F series Vehicles - General Discussion
  50. BMS intake installed
  51. Manhart Performance Exhaust System First Sound Clip
  52. BMW M2 Competition mapping 500hp and 500lbft
  53. To tune or not to Tune
  54. Maximum Psi Front Mount Intakes Installed
  55. Closing in on S55 WR 60-130 6MT (Stock Turbo)
  56. Manhart tunes M2C to 550 HP and 800 Nm
  57. Remus M2 Comp Exhaust
  58. Question regarding the M2 Competion Exhaust?
  59. Just Tuned M2C with Stage 1 BM3 Faaak
  60. *** bootmod3 *** New Feature Release - Map Configuration options for ALL maps
  61. Milltek exhaust soon available for M2C
  62. S55 with OPF cooling fan
  63. M2C Seat Part Numbers HELP*
  64. AutoPlus M2 Competition Exhaust
  65. Remus m2c
  66. M2C st2 dyno
  67. BM3 Stage 1 91 Octane vs 93 Octane
  68. Easiest Way to Keep Exhaust Valve Open?
  69. Newbie q on the M2C
  70. Drop in air filters?
  71. Will M2C ever sound as good as it's twin turbo'd predecessor ???
  72. Active Autowerke | M2C Exhaust Options
  73. Backbox delete from Zaustworx
  74. M2C BM3 STG2 with no DP
  75. Dinan M2C Exhaust?
  76. OPF Removal: CEL or Limp Mode?
  78. Active Autowerke Midpipe Power Increase + Rasp Free Sound!
  79. AFE Power M2 Competition Exhaust
  80. Noob bootmod3 question
  81. DSOmegaX M2C Build [M Performance | Akrapovic]
  82. S55 Forced Induction Interchiller
  83. M2C Short Shifters
  84. Akrapovic BMW M2 Competition Exhaust Now Available to Pre-order
  85. Bm3 vs mhd/jb4
  86. Supreme Power | Akrapovic BMW M2 Competition Launch
  87. M2 Competition Full Active Autowerke Exhaust with Carbon Tips Installed (Pics + Vids)
  89. PCV delete vs Oil catch can...
  90. Remus M2 comp exhaust official teaser!?!?!
  91. Which exhaust system will you choose
  92. AutoTalent | REMUS F87N M2 Competition Teaser! Pictures inside.
  93. Rear Muffler Delete for EU M2 Competition + sound clip
  94. REMUS Exhaust BMW M2 Competition|Official Pictures & Videos|
  95. GTS TCU flash for M2 Competition ( EU spec )
  96. CAI intakes
  97. Piggy backing BM3 & Jb4
  98. Exhaust Options?
  99. Running in service oil(s)
  100. Are the valves in the exhaust always 100% open i sport+?
  101. ARMYTRIX M2C Exhaust in the makes
  102. Wait for aftermarket exhaust after break in?
  103. M2 Comp - Engine Malfunction
  104. Eisenmann Sport Exhaust Sound Clip
  105. Blue spark tuning box
  106. M2 Competition gets an Akrapovic Exhaust! | #RaceChipInsights
  107. Pulled from M3/M4 Section
  108. Exhaust tips for M2 competition
  109. Crank Hub problems?
  110. M2 Competition Front Lip Availability Update
  111. Middle muffler delete EU with OPF?
  112. Racechip tuner on M2C
  113. Race chip tune
  114. My VRSF Product Experience
  115. Exhaust Arrives this Week! Active Autowerke
  116. My 2019 M2 Competition Build in Sunset Orange!
  117. S55 catch can?
  118. Dinan Tune for M2C?
  119. Vrsf catlessdownpipes M2 competition
  120. *** bootmod3 *** New Dashboard features
  121. CG Precision Variable Sound Controller (VSC-2): Fits/Works with M2C
  122. Exhaust options
  123. Are OPFs mandatory in the UK?
  124. IND | Fall Line Motorsports F87 M2 Comp Oil Cooler Guard
  125. S55 Charge-Air Cooler Failure
  126. Dinan Stage 1 Tune Thoughts
  127. Eventuri Intake
  128. Active Autowerke M2 Competition Midpipe Install Instructions
  129. Eventuri F87 M2 (S55) Competition Carbon Intake System
  130. Remus Exhaust Video
  131. Is M2 exhaust mid-pipe same as M4's?
  132. Bootmod3 Stage 1
  133. To bm3 or not?
  134. Dyno Results 2019 BMW M2 Competition 6MT
  135. Engineering Explained tests charcoal filters...
  136. Tuning the S55 in M2C
  137. Milltek exhaust - full system
  138. OFFICIAL: M2C Exhaust Options MegaThread
  139. Wanted - Non EU mid pipes with CATs
  140. S55 CS Tune Options
  141. M2C M-Performance Exhaust 03-2019 Availability?
  142. M2 Competition M Performance Exhaust (MPE) is coming for US and Canada in March 2019
  143. Does anyone have the AA midpipe with otherwise stock exhaust?
  144. MPE Valve Behavior W/O Remote
  145. Are there any exhausts that make the sound higher pitch?
  146. HELP PLEASE Transmission failed while flashing GTS transmission from Bootmod3
  147. Rev matching off and cold start delete
  148. ECUTEK M2 Competition S55 INFO *RACEROM RELEASED*
  149. Eisenmann M2 Competition S55 Exhaust Systems (Valved vs Race)
  150. Custom made exhaust with particulate filter delete
  151. Dinan Exhaust for M2C
  152. Flash ECU only for OPF (Warranty?)
  153. Really good crankhub video
  154. VRSF charge pipe not slipping back on throttle body
  155. Armytrix Valvetronic
  156. Milltek dropped a few more photos...
  157. 2019+ BMW M2 Competition | ARMYTRIX Decat/Cat-Back Valved Exhaust - Photos & Videos!
  158. BMW M2 Competition with AA Midpipe installed. Startup / Rev / Drive by video!
  159. MP Exhaust for M2 Competition
  160. BMW soft update - fucked the steering
  161. Don't Update Your Software At The Dealer
  162. Does the M2C have a charcoal intake filter?
  163. Valve Control M2C - Same as M3/M4?
  164. Exhaust mods: realistic hp gains?
  165. OEM Exhaust tips
  166. Wagner Tuning Quick Factory Tour + Intercooler Build Process: Concept To Completion
  167. OEM Downpipes for M2C with OPF and without OPF
  168. dB level on stock exhaust with AA mid pipe? (Needed for track access)
  169. DP, Midpipe, or rear section?
  170. Engine click after turning off the engine
  171. Coolant level monitoring
  172. Loudest M2C
  173. Where is the M-performance Exhaust system from BMW?
  174. M2C, OG M2, M3/4 Power Curve Comparison on Dyno
  175. Fi Exhaust for M2 Competition
  176. Mid Pipe Modification
  177. MY20 BMW M2 Competition Build Thread - Detailer's Domain, Xpel, BBS ....
  178. BMW F87 S55 M2 Exhaust Comparison Video
  179. FI Exhaust now available for BMW M2c
  180. BMW F87 S55 M2 Competition Exhaust Comparison
  181. crank hub fix part available in Europe
  182. Active Autowerke Mid pipe?
  183. Carbahn tune anyone?
  184. What is the best M2C exhaust that sounds like N55 M2 ?
  185. M3/M4 Turner Oil Cooler Skid Plate Compatible with M2C?
  186. BMW Exhaust Comparisons
  187. REMUS Exhaust + AA Mid-Pipe
  188. Which exhaust system has the largest "tips" out there?
  189. BMW ///M Logo Exhaust Finisher Options?
  190. remap query
  191. Stone Exhaust S55 Downpipe ** NEW PRODUCT **
  192. Xph Carbon Fiber Engine Cover Bmw M2 Competition
  193. NEW Wagner Tuning S55 Radiator +89% Front Volume ** +94% Side Volume
  194. The Best fix for S55 sound issues on the market
  195. Quick VRSF DP/AA Midpipe/Remus Rear Initial Impressions
  196. S55 central lock screw „issue“
  197. VRSF S55 Top Mount Intercooler Upgrade for 2015 – 2019 M2C, M3 & M4 F80/F82/F87
  198. M2C MPE
  199. Remus Race with AA Midpipe Review (Video Clips)
  200. M2C S55 Full Supersprint Exhaust
  201. Milltek race system, M2 competition
  202. Disconnect battery - Exhaust (Muffler) Install?
  203. When will M exhaust system release? Anyone knows?
  204. Does having the valves always open fix the weed-wacker sound?
  205. CSF Front Heat Exchanger and DCT Transmission Cooler - Thoughts?
  206. New Engine required...
  207. BM3 Transfer after trade in?
  208. M2 Competition Stock Baseline Dyno
  209. Valve Issue - VSC-2
  210. Milltek sport vs race
  211. BM3 vs JB4
  212. ♛ HEX Tuning ♛ BMW M2 Comp (S55) w/ dyno plots
  213. Throttle Linearity Estimate
  214. M2C - Air Intake Options
  215. Oil temp
  216. Disable pops and bangs
  218. Best Start DCT
  219. M2C M Performance Exhaust Sound (Without OPF)
  220. Why in God's name did BMW continue to manufacture it this way?
  221. DINAN M2C Exhaust
  222. ECU Reset
  223. M2C Sound Clip (AA Midpipe & SSR Catless Downpipes)
  224. Updated Remap
  225. Capristo M2 Competition Exhaust w/ Carbon Fiber Tips & Valve Control
  226. VSC2 M2 Competition installation problem
  227. Intake systems - Claimed power increases
  228. VRSF S55 M2 Competition Downpipe New Batch With Update
  229. M2C missing part of intake piping.
  230. LIM light
  231. Something New From Remus USA
  232. Back in the bimmer game, now an exhaust thread. Who owns an AKRA?!?! Please come in.
  233. A couple of Akraprovic exhaust questions
  234. Stud Conversion Kit + Spacers
  235. Racechip GTS Black - Piggyback for Locked DME?
  236. What exhaust tips fit the M2C
  237. Best Cat-back exhaust w/o Sensor/CEL
  238. 2017 M2 coupe vs 2020 M2 ??
  239. How-to: Find out your ISTEP version (guide)
  240. DC/MD/VA Exhaust Dealers?
  241. M4 lower spring work on m2c? Yes or no
  242. Auto Solutions & UCP Review
  243. Good news
  244. BPM tune for M2C
  245. Milltek system ebay
  246. Exhaust flap activation
  247. Turner Motorsport Carbon Intakes on M2 Competition
  248. JB4 needle out of control...help pls!
  249. Cold air intake
  250. Thinking about DP, any suggestions