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Originally Posted by SteveinArizona View Post
These 250kW charge capable cars (e-tron, Taycan, etc.) sound good, but it appears it will be some time before they have the majority of the population covered. Tesla, on the other hand, has charging stations everywhere.
Exactly! It has been said that Tesla really is building a charging network and not interested in selling cars. IDK. I think they are doing both very well.

Did you see that someone from BMW recently said that most EV owners(presumably BMW ?) only charge at home or at work. I think bc finding a charging station that is free(available) and that works with the network you are signed up for... is so hard to use.

Also in this article/interview... BMW said that rapid charging should be used sparingly... only once out of every 20 charge cycles. Otherwise you risk damaging the EV batteries lifr. That is ridiculous.

The charging infrastructure just is not here - yet. Can you imagine what the charging demands will be on our electrical network when EV cars really take off? We will have a Nuclear power plant on every corner!

Lastly... this video is very interesting. I love Harry formerly from EVO Magazine...