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Originally Posted by 760Lifan View Post
OK, so let's have a look.

With $2,500 down, using the base MF of .00142 and a residual of 56%, I get to a monthly payment of about $1,465. That, however, is based on a 7% tax-rate. You would have to enter your local rate yourself and re-calculate.

What I did: I took the $2,500, deducted $1,500 for the first payment and applied the remaining $1,000 to the net-price ($107,310). Then, I took this number and deducted it from the MSRP to get to the 'down-payment' used for the lease-calculator - in your case, $12,065:

Enter your tax-rate and see where you get.
They said they won't budge on the MF since the discount is high. What are your thoughts?

My tax rate is 7%