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Originally Posted by 760Lifan View Post
OK, I see that you are in FL so your numbers should be identical to mine.

The discount is not that 'high'. If you are getting the same $1,500 from BMW Financial on your lease, your actual discount from the dealer shrinks to 9.4% which is not bad but pretty standard by now in FL.

I got 10% plus the lease-incentive. However, if you are getting 9.4% instead of 10% it's a difference of $700 or about $20/month - just to put a number on it.

I believe the real issue here is the Money Factor.

Let's compare the base MF to the one they are demanding:

Again, just to put a number on it: They are asking for $75/month(!!!) on top of the regular rate to go into their pocket. That's an additional $2,700(!!) over 36 months.

MF charge-ups aren't nothing out of the ordinary but there are decent ones (+$15/month) and flat out outrageous ones (+$75/month). I guess you know what I mean by that...
I am not taking the deal I just told them. On to the next one. They are getting weird about some things.