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Has to be a CSL/GTS or race derivative version. Manufacturing one-off carbon fiber parts is expensive and a pointless exercise for a mule, especially parts that are so detailed, and as another poster mentioned, have excellent form and fit. No, those are parts in development for an actual car. That logic also throws out the Z car test mule. Also, the car features AeroCatch hood latches. Thats not standard on any M car and would make an unlikely debut on a performance car other than the M3/4 as its BMW's marque vehicle in the performance segment.

My money is on a CSL/GTS or similar high performance variant of the M2. The bumpers are uncovered because they'll undoubtedly change. Lower roofline and carbon fiber bits give the vehicle the appropriate center of gravity and weight distribution for performance testing.

I, for one, think this little car is fantastic, regardless of what it turns out to be.