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The Ridgeline is amazing. It's perfect for what most people use a truck for. It's problem is that it doesn't project insecurity nearly as well as a "real" truck.
I think you are very much confused about how a pickup is used. A Ridgeline is not a truck you can work out of. Perhaps the salesman can work out of a Ridgeline, but he can do the same out of a why buy a Ridgeline at all?

Anyone with tools and equipment does NOT buy a Ridgeline.
How about this? I'd guess that 80% of the pickups I see on the road are never used for anything more than the occasional trip to Lowe's so a Ridgeline would be a great choice for most truck buyers.

The American auto industry is only profitable because of all the insecure suckers willing to pony up for a rugged lifestyle costume with big off-road and towing numbers.
Not to mention 84 month financing? And they wonder why they have no retirement savings and find themselves working at age 75 as greeters in Walmart...
Man, you guys are so smart. I guess the 1 million buyers of Ford and Chevy/GMC truck buyers are all wrong and the 12k buyers of the
Ridgeline all have it figured out. Next time I plan to get a Honda truck instead of the Raptor. Forget about towing, clearance, offroading on camping and beach trips, resale and style. Plus I just love front wheel drive vehicles. And while we are here, why does anyone buy a BMW, the Civic is amazing.