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The Ridgeline is amazing. It's perfect for what most people use a truck for. It's problem is that it doesn't project insecurity nearly as well as a "real" truck.
I think you are very much confused about how a pickup is used. A Ridgeline is not a truck you can work out of. Perhaps the salesman can work out of a Ridgeline, but he can do the same out of a why buy a Ridgeline at all?

Anyone with tools and equipment does NOT buy a Ridgeline.
How about this? I'd guess that 80% of the pickups I see on the road are never used for anything more than the occasional trip to Lowe's so a Ridgeline would be a great choice for most truck buyers.

The American auto industry is only profitable because of all the insecure suckers willing to pony up for a rugged lifestyle costume with big off-road and towing numbers.
Insecure suckers wanting a lifestyle costume? Do you realize how dumb you sound? Please tell us what you think of M3 owners. Should they have bought a 328 since 99.5% of M3 owners never see a track?

I think you need to get out more. Its not by accident that so many pickup trucks get sold in this country. In most parts of this country, where people have a lot of land and live active/outdoor lifestyles, the question is not "why?", but "why not?" have a pickup.
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