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Originally Posted by thenew3 View Post
Ordered a 40i yesterday through the costco program and got $8400 off an $88345 build so roughly 9.5% discount including loyalty.
Not as good as some of you, but this is a small town dealer and I didn't want to spend more than then I had to negotiating.
Could've probably gotten another $1k or so if I went to a larger dealership in a big city but wife didn't want to travel 1.5 hours.

They are telling me roughly 6 weeks for delivery (early to mid April). Hope this is true as I cancelled my GLS order after numerous delays.
That is a great discount. I ordered a GLE 450 last year and after 7 months of delays and seeing my first X7, I too cancelled the GLE and bought the X7. After owning three GL/GLS's, I couldn't be happier. You're gonna love your new X7. Congrats!