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Originally Posted by LittleJoe View Post
That is a great discount. I ordered a GLE 450 last year and after 7 months of delays and seeing my first X7, I too cancelled the GLE and bought the X7. After owning three GL/GLS's, I couldn't be happier. You're gonna love your new X7. Congrats!
Thanks LittleJoe. I hope the X7 is not delayed like my GLS order was/is.

I'll end up paying about $6k-$7k less than the GLS450 and have more equipment at the same time but at the sacrifice of some leg room in the 2nd/3rd row and trunk space behind 3rd row.

Plus don't have to deal with the ugly black plastic trim around the wheel wells on the GLS.

Wife and I are having a tough time deciding on an exterior and interior color/trim combination.
Current order has Mineral White Metallic exterior, Coffee Leather interior with fineline brown high gloss wood trim.

We like the darker exterior colors but it's so hard to keep clean. White hides dust/dirt so much better.