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There are a million options out there. I am a certified personal trainer and dietitian and I can tell you it is never easy. You need to find what works for you and your body type. If you enjoy smashing a cheeseburger with bacon, calorie counting yourself to death is going to drive you insane. So there are options like, IF, which is intermittent fasting. Helps you lose weight, burn a lot of fat, but give you that big satisfying meal every day. Then again, that depends on your fitness level. Everything depends on your fitness level. Really, there are certain formulas out there that will help you calculate your macros and this will help you get yourself in check. Honestly, without sounding like an asshole, it comes down to discipline. If you want to change you have to make the change and stop coming up with excuses. If you need more help I'd be happy to help you via PM. I am pretty busy so if I do not respond right away, try not to kill me.
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