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Originally Posted by Ramos View Post
So Prost was more consistant how does that make him faster exactly? The dude was so boring even when he talked.. No charisma, no passion what so ever Might as well have been an engineer not a racing driver... He collided with less people, cuz he was a wuss that never took chances... He is still alive today, but he is all but forgoten... That is not a legend in my eyes, just another boring driver who could not launch a car without stalling once they banned launch control.. (look it up)
Senna had more charisma and more passion, how does that make him faster exactly? I understand you are uncomfortable discussing the numbers because they are all in Prost's favor. I am not sure by what measure you judge Senna to be faster other than that one lap. If he was so good that he could win without taking reckless chances, I do not think that should be held against him. I define fast in a race car driver as winning races and by that measure Prost was faster.