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Originally Posted by N54Yankee View Post
You spend a pretty good amount of time here discussing sports cars and track times so which one are you?
We have basketball courts, tennis courts but I believe the term is golf course.
I donít golf, a good walk spoiled. I do track my Corvette on occasion though. Donít know what relevance your statement is anyway, one doesnít need to helmet up and race their cars to enjoy a fast, well handling sports car.
I agree. People want to know the car they are buying is well sorted out. Spending $85k is still a good amount of money. If GM is building a Corvette more akin to a Cadillac then people want to know that and spend their money accordingly.

What I love about my C7 is itís rumbly nature, itís gruff and somewhat loud, handles better than most anything but enough creature comforts to satisfy you. The C8 seems more like a luxury car now like what the Cadillac XLR was.