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Originally Posted by c1pher View Post
I agree. People want to know the car they are buying is well sorted out. Spending $85k is still a good amount of money. If GM is building a Corvette more akin to a Cadillac then people want to know that and spend their money accordingly.

What I love about my C7 is it’s rumbly nature, it’s gruff and somewhat loud, handles better than most anything but enough creature comforts to satisfy you. The C8 seems more like a luxury car now like what the Cadillac XLR was.
Same reasons I like my C6 albeit without some of the creature comforts inside. I do like it that way though. Under 3300lbs with hp over 600 I can live without fancy leather interior and do it all the time with a smile on my face.
Snorting LS with a expansive tq curve and all. It lets you know what it is without pretense. The C8 I think it’s more luxury on the inside but more off a good thing( sports car wise) on the outside. Z51 looks like it’s going to be a winner and I can’t wait to see what they do with the Z06, ZR1, Zora or whatever else they conjure up. Good times for all us car guys.
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