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The line between semi-auto and automatic is very blurry.

A true automatic has a torque converter but BMW was able to turn that into a shiftable transmission that can hold gears and quickly change gears with a clever use of electronics.

Then we have the single and double clutch transmission like the SMG, DSG, PDK which still rely on actuated clutch plates but can automatically switch gears instantly up or down much like a motorcycle. However if you drive in bumper to bumper traffic a lot, you could end up wearing out your clutch like you would a manual transmission.

We must not forget the CVT which doesn't have a clutch or torque converted but a stretchy rubber band/metal band that moves around a cone to change ratio. To me, it's the most annoying transmission of them all since it just winds but never actually shift. Some manufactures are even adding sounds and clever engine timing to mimic a shift. Sounds familiar?

Then we have front wheel drive transaxle like in the F48 X1 which has a torque converted but no final drive.

At this point my head explodes !!