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Mine does that too. It seems that if everyone exits and closes their doors quickly before the key fob gets too far away from the car it works as it should. It has been my observation that if the passenger delays closing their door or there is another door opened while the key fob holder is moving away it doesn't work all the time. I think it is a proximity thing. My wife and I have trained ourselves to listen for the audible before moving away. We do forget on occasion though. We were recently on vacation and I had got out of the car earlier and put the keys in the cup holder (my wife and dog stayed in the car) and forgot to put them back in my pocket. We later stopped to sight see in the historic part of Santa Fe and left the damned keys in the car. Didn't realize it but the car (and my wife's purse, cash, one of my pistols, our luggage, etc...) was there for the taking. I realized this after about 45 minutes and about had an accident on myself. I hauled !@# back to the car, hauling !@# being a relative term, and fortunately everything was as we left it. Dodged a major bullet and learned a lesson as well. Listen for the beep!