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Originally Posted by Turkish Pickle View Post
Started hanging out with a health nut girl, and tried her kombucha and it just tasted horrible.

Are they all horrible? Any specific ones you guys love and I should try out? I don't want to call it quits after one sip of one sort but I also don't know where to start.
It's basically a form of fungus that's "cultivated" over a period of weeks. The "mother" produces another "spore" for better lack of terminology that can be given to others for their use.

Think of it as a strain of yeast.

I tried it for awhile 20 years ago...making my own. Drunk it for months....and yes they are all awful unless it's mixed with something else which is against purists belief.

I think there are much better things out there for "gut health". But this has been around as a holistic treatment forever and a lot of people swear by it.
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