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Originally Posted by Flacht3 View Post
I'm disappointed in the performance numbers vs. the Model S for the price. BUT, I'd bet that the Porsche finish and quality will run circles around the hodgepodge of quality control output from Tesla. There's more to these cars than just the 0-60 numbers...

Still underwhelmed and disappointed nonetheless but let's see.
I think the numbers will surprise you as will the handling and repeatable performance. You know as well as I that they are super conservative in their claims. The 992 is quoted at 0-62 in 3.6 and runs 3.0 in testing. My guess is the Ďturbo Sí will run 2.0-2.1 and will pull the 1/4 faster than the Model s too. And as far as handling, the Tesla canít even manage to make a full lap around the Ring yet the pre-prod Taycan ran 7:42 which is quite impressive. I do think the prices are crazy though. If typical, they are both 200k plus cars with options.