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Semi Autos: same principle with manuals, a robotized clutch is being used, often dont have an "Park" on the selector and instead of D there is generally an A.. they re around for almost 100 years.. SMG is a "sequential" transmission with robotized clutch.. it cant change gear from 6 to 2 for example.. more like a race car sequential.. so SMG is not like Easytronic and other that lets you feel like an old nanny changing gear for you.. semi autos ll sound like manual transmission on a flyby with slower shifting speed depending on the transmission model..

Full autos: they dont have a traditional clutch.. they have torque convertor.. torque convertor has a clutch inside though but different than traditional one.. so it uses wet clutch system.. they have PRND and sometimes L for low gear or gears only.. like in new M5.. even though it is much faster than traditional torque convertors but still.. automatic ll sound like on a flyby, softened dramatic rev drop while changing gears.. recent sporty torque convertors may sound like a double clutched though..

double clutched transmissions: they re around less than 20 years in traffic.. their gear layout is different and using 2 clutches for 2 different sets of gears.. they re more complicated.. you ll feel the clutch on first few meters as well but the rest you wont.. dual clutch gear box'ed car ll sound like crazy fast gear changes on a flyby..
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