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Originally Posted by Darth One View Post
This debate has literally been going on since DSC was introduced around the year 2000.

Some drivers will always associate DSC with some kind of emasculation effect and some kind of insult to their driving ability. We'll never know how many crashes exactly resulted from this
Exactly, same thing could be said for *some* ppl that yell from the mtntops that they drive stick.

I distinctly remember a news article many years ago re a journalist about to be taken for a ride on the road by a race driver. Now, the reporter was expecting all kinds of hooliganism and speed antics but when the professional drove, it was all skillful but not excessive...the shock from the newsman, not what he expected at all. I believe partly the reason is cuz they realize no matter how skilled they are, there will always be many less skilled than them and one mistake is all it takes, even if it's not by them but by the lousy drivers. I'd like to think that the majority of professional drivers are like that, and that the idiot who drove himself and Paul Walker to their fiery deaths are in the minority. Take it to the track ppl, you Lewis Hamilton-wannabes.