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Originally Posted by iqraceworks View Post
Unless you are drifting you would being able to spin up the back tires help you in any way when you are doing a "spirited" drive in your car?? I can think of a few situations where being able to slide/spin the rear tires would help (on the track)......but I can't think of any situations where doing that on a public road would ever help things out.
Helps quite a bit when the roads are fully iced over, knowing how to drift is the key to transiting corners successfully instead of the slope of the road just dumping you into the curb.
Same when it rains heavily. Or on sand. Which happens here a bit.

Car has no idea where you are going, and near 0 traction surfaces give it absolute fits. It will apply brakes and stop you correctly rotating the car to the desired orientation.

I think most of us who grew up with crap tires and pre abs, (shoot Iíve had cars without power steering or power brakes!) have a little different perspective and ability thank folks who grew up with electronic nags and warning labels on everything.

That being said, I mostly leave it on, but in a rain storm there are certain turns where the concrete is highly polished from wear, and it gets turned off there. Or where the sand blows over the road. Etc.
itís just a tool. You donít need abs, you can stop shorter without it, but abs helps the other 99.999% of the population who donít understand finite grip levels and so lock up and continue straight on panic stops when they try to steer. Itís here, and Iíve gotten used to having it though I do a better job myself.