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Originally Posted by iqraceworks View Post
The DSC seems to be really smooth when it's limiting wheel spin. I played around with turning the DSC completely off a few times........the car does a lot better job of controlling the wheel spin than my foot can.

I think it's faster, and safer to just like the DSC do it's job......

My mini cooperS on the other hand will almost completely kill the power for a couple of seconds when you spin the tires......that stinks.

But this 335i seems to be much more's hard to even tell with the DSC is doing it's thing

I agree. The DSC does a great job of limiting wheel spin, much better than my right foot can...and I have driven big hp cars all my life. The DSC on my 335i comes on very smooth, you almost don't even realize it. Unless you are wanting to intentionally throw the back end around....I see no reason to turn the DSC off......