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So I just learned that either due to the car being an S6, or the guy that bought it paid for the plan, that my car has Audi Care until 80K kms which means all my service is covered till then.

That was a nice little bonus, especially since today it hit 60K and they are replacing belts, plugs, oil, air filter and etc which would have otherwise cost $1,500 at the dealership. Which I would have never done. But since its free, I told them to knock themselves out and do anything that doesn't cost me a dime.

I'm pretty pleased with this car so far, it was a great find. The guy who originally leased it put $9K down on the lease and then left midway through to step into a Porsche, so my lease payments were already lower than normal, plus I got an additional $3,400 in cash incentive to take the lease, and the guy threw in a set of Pirelli Sottozeros for the winter for free. Just a killer deal.
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