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Originally Posted by 760Lifan View Post
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I still want to see more pics of that interior trim.
I think it has a lot to do with the ambient light.

If the sun or in this case, spot-lights are shining directly on it, it looks lighter and a bit washed out. however, if it's not in direct light, it looks darker and more prominent.

I like it because it provides a contrast to the light interior but the metal inserts blend well with the other interior accents (i.e. speaker covers of the B&W).

As I said, I probably would not pick this trim on a luxury line equipped vehicle but a prominent wood-trim on an M-line would not be the perfect fit, either. This trim as well as Carbon, Aluminum and to some extend Piano (everything with an even pattern) look more sporty.
Seems to me that they're using the trim similar to how you might use wallpaper on an accent wall, as opposed to just squeezing in some material we're familiar with like wood or piano black or whatever. I think it's done tastefully and doesn't look too busy, and it doesn't look like industrial diamond plating to my eye.

At first glance, I like it.
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