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Need help to lose weight (any advice)

Whats up guys,

I am starting a new system of dieting and intense workout. I am not looking to lose alot of weight within a matter of 3 months but just the most i can.

I am definately overweight. Im at 303 right now and im trying to reach 220, as for time, i am not sure how long this will take also.

I use to start diets but i got off them real quick, now when i see my self in pictures from now and back then (240) i noticed i am way worse.

Whats the best workouts and diet plans, and the best supplements if any needed (none of that hydroxycut bullshyt etc.) i used to take Oxy Elite Pro and it worked to wake me up and give me energy but i stopped taking it since my gym time went down.

Whats the best time to workout? Ive been told better in the morning but i only have free time in the night maybe in the morning but im not really a morning person.

Im only 20 yrs old and im trying to lose as much as i can to get fit. I do smoke, and i know thats a big factor. I want to focus on loosing weight and getting skinny, and then work on getting cut (but this will take a long while i know that).

Any help is appreciative.