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Originally Posted by tibra1 View Post
Give up carbs..(bread, rice, pasta) all hidden sugar foods..

Im not overweight but wanted to lose some vanity lbs...I just ate proteins, cheese and fruits, nuts and vegetables for a month ..dropped 10lbs..

Since you are carrying alot of extra weight this diet will work even better for you and you shed weight very quickly..GL
This will be tough because most of my foods consists of rice and bread. im going to substitute eating pasta and rice at work for fruits.

Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Definitely. It is simple physics. The reason you put on weight is because you consumed more calories than you burned. Reverse that, and you are guaranteed to lose weight.
You gotta be serious about the calories, or you'll get frustrated because you might not see any results. You can use an app, or just take real good notes about what you eat, and be honest about the portions and the associated calories.
There's a good chance you might be eating 5000 calories a day. You're not going to drop that down to 1000! But you'll obviously need to start cutting that back significantly.
Everyone likes some greasy foods. But if you're really intent on changing your weight for good, you'll understand they'll be the exception, rather than the norm.
Running/swimming is a great way to start. Try to run outside or on a track if possible. You'll do better than than if you just use a treadmill.
You mean you're not going to quit until you "get healthy"? I'm not trying to preach here man. But getting healthy means looking seriously at options to quit. Patch, gum, whatever. There are no 'fit' dudes that smoke, trust me
You might want to invest in a trainer, or even check into getting some direction from a nutritionist. Seems like some gym-rat b#llshit, but it's not. You're gonna need some help (and that is OK!) and that is where you start.

Check this out:!
i signed up for myfitnesspal to keep my calorie count for me, i just hope im counting the right amount of calories.

i have a small gym at home, treadmill and some weights for now, i have my freind who is a nutrionist, he helped me out with most of certain supplements i can take to help keep me energized and to loose weight but he told me taking them wont work if im not working out and actually dieting and to be carefull on how long i stay on them and to get off them after some time. at the same time i want to take supplements to help me but i hate certain side effects from them.

I had a typo, I meant i will quit to get healthy (before i never cared) and when im healthy i will know quitting helpped me alot.

that video is truly amazing also, i never thought about seriously loosing weight because of time it took but if someone like that can overcome loosing weight then i know i can. Honestly i want to exerise alot of, course not overkill, but more than average. I know i can handle it, its just the laziness that overcomes wanting to workout, but i know its time to change. I just have to plan it out on working out with eating habbits, i just needed advice on how and where to start.