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hHey hopefully I can helpyou!

Im not trying to boast but since super bowl,…which has been exactly 3 months today I have lost 80 lbs I was at 280 now im at 200 lbs even. it is not hard at all, a few tips I can hopefully pass on is that #1 do not give up, stay positive #2 drink LOTS of water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have to be strict on yourself, for the last 3months I have been doing two-a-days at the gym with a 3day on and one day off sched starting slwly with cardio, then weights then cardio again. Cut off all complex carbs, sugars and dairy. And eat clean the same stuff day in day out……hard boiled eggs, celery, apples or bannas, chicken and broccoli EVERYDAY its boring, but it works…people might say its unhealthy this or that…. but do what works for you…..and lastlty DON’T TALK ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT JUST DO IT!!!!

The diet I used was Paleolithic diet, but I tweaked it to the max…………….BUT the most important thing to do is NOT GIVE UP, just like the nike slogan says “JUST DO IT”