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Originally Posted by Palbay View Post
Screen shots from the actual in plant presentation about the Plant Spartanburg Expansion and X7 addition...The Screen Shots tell a little story about the current Plant Spartanburg state of affairs.... Food for thought....with X7 on Next Gen 7 Series G11 Platform...Would BMW fill out Plant Spartanburg production numbers with a few USA built 7 Series....Per Dr. Reithofer Plant Spartanburg needs find 450k in annual production... At current Plant production numbers...X4 and X7 won't get them to 450k annual units... Stay tuned...Thanks. Palbay
Sure they won't but the demand for X3 & X5 is currently exceeding demand so the rest of the capacity will be used to increase X3 & X5 production.

Btw, regarding the "bigger X5" under the cover you spotted few days ago: it might actually be X7 mule (with stretched X5 body - strictly for the chassis testings). The mules will be out soon. Real X7 prototypes (with genuine X7 body) are expected to roll out later this year.