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Originally Posted by Mr Tonka View Post
The Giros looks good. Didn't even dawn on me that you'd want a different shoe for cyclocross.

Those specialized lace up shoes were very cool looking and i too went for them due to the fancy retro look. I still use specialized shoes for my mtn bike.

Due to foot width, i went with a pair of Bonts with a double boa system. I like them a lot. The wife just got her first pair of road shoes. She's be using Sidi Tri shoes for years now, so went back to them for a road shoe. They look pretty nice as well.
When I tried CX for the first time last year, I just about forgot I'd need different shoes etc., so I used my old mtb stuff. Finally, decided to splurge a little (or a lot).

I love boas for in ride adjustment for sure. I know a lot of people switching to Bonts recently, especially the mold-able ones. They seem pretty awesome, I may try them soon at some point.
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