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Originally Posted by TRACK M4STER View Post
Can't win with you guys. When BMW introduces a new model they're criticized for either being boring (new 5/7-series) or being too bold. These are the same haters that swore off BMW 16 years ago with the launch of the E65 7-series for being "too bold, ugly, etc" yet that was not translated into sales as it was the #1 selling 7-series of all time. Not to mention it was copied by every other Japanese car maker.

And BTW, this is a CONCEPT! It'll be slightly toned down for production but what you see is likely 80% true.

We know you're uncomfortable with change but the X7 is still familiar yet boldly refreshing. TRUE BMW enthusiasts who bleed blue have faith and trust in BMW that they know what they're doing.
Yeah, E65 was indeed scary to look at. All of the balance and sleek elegance that the E23/32/38 capitalised on was immediately and totally vaporised in this clumsy design. The car was a very good ride, but Bangle tried to hide it behind a hideous facade.

Apparently you believe it helped the commercial success. I don't. Just imagine how much more it could have meant when it would have continued its legacy with grace and elegance.

I don't dig your blabla about resistance to change. The proto for the new i Vision is lauded, and it's certainly more disruptive than X7. I also believe we pay enough for our ride to make it a bit more appealing to the eye than this. When we'll see the final price of the X7, you can maybe agree on this?