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Im by no means a dietician or bodybuilder but I enjoy lifting and seeing change. The thing that stuck with me is enjoying the cooking process if you're doing it yourself. It sounds cheesy but I enjoy cooking with my wife, its a bonding experience for us relatively newly married. I also am impatient and instant gratification type person. I can tell a difference in my body and appearance over a week of eating terrible. But at the same time, I love the grind to get back. So the answer is tough, but find a way to do it that you enjoy. Dont eat like a rabbit cause its healthy, eat the things you love but in proper portions. Fist full of protein to a full hand size veggies. Also, with my schedule change, I use a meal prep/delivery service. Its not that much more expensive then cooking on your own and it takes the guess work out of it. Paleo is what I do cause I love meat and you in Texas Im sure its the same! In synopsis, enjoy the process, embrace it and dont be so caught up on a cheat meal or two, just maintain a proper, consistent eating habit of foods you like. Also, brown rice, sweet potatoes are a good alternatives to throw in.