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Yeah, it all depends on your goals, but the formula is the same. I am 34 5'10" myself and have the goal of not losing strength. I started ~6 weeks ago at 222lbs and am down to about 210lbs now. Squat work set (3x 4-6 reps) still >315lbs, bench work sets have dropped slightly to 305lbs, deadlift work sets still ~355lbs. I haven't maxed in a bit but my work sets are generally ~80-85% of my max based on history.

In my cut phase I am hitting macro targets as close as I can so I don't lose too quickly (aka lose muscle too) and I am doing compound lifts 5x a week and only doing HIIT cardio, no long runs for me aside from soccer matches 1-2 times a week. Seems to work well for me.

edit: just had blood work done as well and all my numbers are looking pretty good so that was a nice indicator of progress (they are greatly improved over the numbers last year when I was working out the same amount but eating whatever I wanted)
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