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A lot of talk about HIIT but not a lot of help on how exactly to do it.

Try the Freeletics Bodyweight app (paid). I have been doing consistently for the past 3 years and it is fantastic. I have convinced several colleagues who just saw me going regularly to the gym during lunch and they are addicted now as well.
They also offer food plans and also have a gym/running app (that I don't use) and have a great community.

You can also train from anywhere, at any time. No fancy gym equipment required. This helps a lot when you need to travel for work or are on holiday and live out of a hotel room. You keep scores on your past performance so you track how your fitness is progressing. Once you see that you're completing a workout at a slower pace than usual, you will push yourself to new heights to beat your PB.

Check them out - there is nothing like it. A great thing about this type of training is that, unlike regular weight lifting and running, you will be burning fat for a long time after you completed your training. The coach exercises are based on your profile by completing fitness assessment and goals i.e. fat burning, muscle building, general fitness etc.

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