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Originally Posted by ScottSinger View Post
Is that 8-minute mile on the treadmill or on the track or roads ? Anyway you just inspired, now I'm going to try to put in am 8-minurte mile or do whatever to get there.
Treadmill, since that is where I'm working out.

I do a test day (generally when I need to squeeze in a short workout do to time constraint) once every few weeks. I push hard to see how I am versus the target and generally its a short workout. Yesterday I did the 8 minute mile with a 2 degree incline. I'm happy and will now set a new goal speed/time wise. When I started a few months ago I struggled to crack the 10 minute mile.

Generally every week I increase in some way the weight, speed, incline etc. Even though some weeks I only increase speed by 0.1mph, in 5 weeks thats another 0.5mph to by jogging pace. Long term increase I'm in no rush and enjoy it.