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Just eat healthy, limit sugar, alcohol and bad fats. I do strictly a vegan diet for the past 6 months with an occasional piece of fish maybe 1 time a week. The carb fad makes no sense in terms fueling your body depending on the workout. I am a distance runner and average about 40 - 45 miles of running a week plus strength training. With this type of mileage you have to have carbs to fuel your body for runs that long. Stick with lots of vegetables, fruits whole grains, beans and rice.

I will tell you I have trained a lot in running and since going vegan 6 months ago I not only feel better but have posted my fastest run times I have ever done from distance runs to speed run. Anything over 90 minutes I supplement with gels during the run to prevent burnout when your glycogen levels plumment.

The key to weight loss is to always remember 80% of weight loss is food intake and 20% training. If the foods arent there all the working out wont do much and wont give you the results you want. You may start to look better but internally you will not be as healthy. Not sure if you drink alcohol but that one will creep up. The sugars converted in the body equate out to 7 grams while fat is 9 grams. Alcohol is pretty much just as bad as fat regardless of the type of alcohol.

Hope that helps give you some tips on weight loss, but I will tell you in my last check up. My blood pressure was on the dot perfect with a resting heart rate of 40. I know that seems low but that is very common for distance runners. Stick with it man and avoid the temptation of garbage food.