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I'm sorry... I thought M Sport was suppose to stand for something.. i appreciate its all a marketing ploy to make it look better but M Sport?! This thing is sooo heavy and sooo big at what point does this look sporty?

It's like putting a salad leaf on a 22" deep filled cheese crust pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and saying 'it's healthy' or even saying a fat lass in a tracksuit is athletic! I very much doubt any buyer anywhere will take this leviathan near a track!

Saying that though... i do love the look of this beast, as big 4x4's go I'd have this over a merc or Range Rover every time!
Drive it like you bought it* *like its on finance and the insurance company won?t pay out the the full value if you crash it and you have to take out gap insurance that?s nearly as much as the annual premium