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I agree. At the risk of getting ejected from this forum, I would suggest that BMW strongly reconsider the twin kidney grille feature requirement on all cars. It's such a constraining design element, and in this case it looks like the designers didn't know what to do with it...since it can't be small or else it will look funny on that massive face, they had to make it huge. And then there are three other grilles.

BMW have traditionally bastardized the twin kidney grille idea already (see conjoined M2C grille)...maybe it's time to just let that whole thing go.
In my book only the E38 and E65 LCI were the only truly desirable 7-series models. They looked heads and shoulder above the competition. At the time these full sized cars could be low and sleek. I feel now due to crash safety standards the F01 and G11 have looked very chunky and not sleek at all, especially up front. Don't even get me started on their awkward asses.
Yeah, the E38 was amazing. And i also agree on BMWs rear end design. It's a mess, almost across the entire lineup.
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