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Originally Posted by five_timer View Post
But you exclude Vettel from that list because why? Vettel took RB to 4 consecutive WCs, and left his teammate in the dust. Yet most HAM fans regard VET as shit. Why is that?

I don't know that most HAM fans think Vettel is shit, but he's not as good as Hamilton.
At RedBull, if you have Marko and Horner backing you (as Vet and Ves do), you don't have to be the one motivating your team around you.
Vet clearly had #1 status, but as you can see from 2016 when Rosberg beat Ham, both Merc drivers had equal status. and Ham beat Rosberg fair and square (3 out of 4). And you can see from Bottas' performance over the last two years, Rosberg is WDC material - fast.

Even though I think Webber was good, we'll never know because Marko and Horner favoured Vet. I also think Raikkonen is good, but he's not the type to rally the team around him. so we'll never really know again. and when Vet won his WDCs with RB, he clearly had the faster car. Merc didn't this year.

It's one thing to say any driver could win the WDC in the Merc, but they ignore the fact that drivers like HAM motivated the team to build the car and push it to the limits.