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Originally Posted by five_timer View Post
Ha, that's funny, because one can use the same "situational results" to come to a completely different conclusion.

For example, the fact that ROS beat HAM means 2 things:
1 - the Merc is clearly superior, so the competition is only between the 2 drivers
2 - HAM was not the best driver that year, and was nearly beaten by ROS a number of times.

VET, on the other hand, consistently left his teammate in the dust. He's also smoked his teammates at Ferrari and TR. Alonso equaled HAM at McLaren.

There's no evidence that the cars were equal in one situation, but unequal in another, but it's a central premise of your argument. You also ignore the fact that Red Bull was not a WC team before Vettel came along. You have a theory about that, but I'll choose to disagree.

The way I see it, while HAM is a very talented driver, he's hands-down the luckiest driver ever. He started with one team at their peak, and jumped to another team just as the tides turned to them. He's never been with a weak team. We'll never know how he'd have fared in a not-as-fast Ferrari.
IIRC Hamilton in his rookie year beat Alonso. Vetted got beat badly in his last year at RB by Ricardo.

You can call it luck that Hamilton moved to Mercedes, but like anyone in their career, making the right moves at the right time is a talent in itís own right, or is every successful person merely lucky !!