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It's not an M anything at that size but I appreciate it. If they're going to compete the the GLS they'll need an actual X7 M.
Not sure I follow. The GLS63 is a big engine in another wise fairly identical body with some minor suspension tweaks. Same concept here with the M50i and power output will be up there with then 5.0s. Likely will be nearly as quick and neither the GLS or X7 will handle like a sports cars anyway.
X7 40i competes with GLS450
X7 50i competes with GLS550
X7M???? Would compete with GLS63 and that would be an even match.

Maybe I'm not quite sold on the massive grille at the front end. I just expected more. While the GLS has been around for 4-5 years now, it is a very handsome vehicle especially the AMG variants.

I'm a huge BMW fan, but a nuthugger I am not. Lots of this is subjective but I'm sure not everyone will agree when I say the front end of the new 7 is similarly flawed. The grilles are unnecessarily enormous. Is this BMW or Lexus/Audi??
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