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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
Had a ski trip over the weekend, flight got canceled out of buffalo, had to drive through a blizzard to Norfolk for work. Was in the car from 10am to 8:45pm, but got a 5 mile run(37:08!) in when I get to the hotel gym finally.

Hotel gyms are such a pain in the ass. My workouts definitely shift to more cardio based when I am on travel due to the equipment limitations. Don't get me wrong I dont have an issue getting a good workout, but upper body definitely does not get as worked as much.

Typical workout when I'm not on travel is ~10min cardio(incline treadmill), ~10min abs, 45-55mins lifting, 10-15mins cardio(either run or stairmaster). Through the week I would say I run ~10miles

When on travel it usually shifts to ~15min cardio, ~10min abs, 30-45mins lifting, 20-40mins cardio. I'll usually avg 3-4miles a day, hoping to run a 10k this week, goal is 20miles by Friday.
I carry a TRX suspension trainer with me when I travel. Just make sure you get the door "anchor" and you can get a great body weight workout right in your hotel room. Weighs about 2 pounds and takes up less room in your suitcase than a pair of shoes.

$200 for the pro version:

$100 for the home version: