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Are you Persian?

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Ignore the wrinkle ocd people. I have a g05 with wrinkles just like i have wrinkles on my balls and neither bother me.

One thing I noticed is the dash and door top leather looks like grainy vernesca not smooth merino? My g05 dash and door tops are very smooth merino. This is a surprise to me...

I am am jealous of your garage especially the 675...
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I'd also be really curious to see how DHP is. I'll be getting an X7 in the next few months for the family and am deciding if the DHP is worth adding. I've never been a fan of how these big cars handle - had a big SUV a few years ago and felt it was a boat.

Let us know.
The X7 feels like a Sedan in comparison to the LX570. Takes corners with ease and road feel is exceptional.
Transmission and Engine are sublime. The V8 has plenty of getup and go!